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Inquisitor Eisenhorn investigates the infernal workings of Chaos and gets drawn into a terrible conspiracy in the complete trilogy from Dan Abnett. READ IT. The Eisenhorn trilogy by Dan Abnett is a collection of three novels – Xenos, Malleus, A later omnibus edition contains these three novels and also features two. Eisenhorn by Dan Abnett, , available at Book I actually originally read “Xenos”, the first novel in the trilogy, as a stand alone.

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Oct ommibus, Ryan Lynd rated it it was amazing Shelves: May 17, Vincent rated it it was amazing Shelves: I wondered about the uniqueness of his so well thought-out companions. The pacing of the entire omnibus is excellent, fast and action-packed, and never a moment that left you feeling bored.

While dark, there is evidence that in most places, life is going on as it always have. Plenty of problem solving and a plot that has you thinking about those many detective programs you’ve watched on abntet BBC. In this omnibus edition we’re presented with three full length novels, those being; XenosMalleus and Hereticus. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

This is the first book published by Black Library that I ever read. This is man fuel. Also, he feels it would cause a bit of an inconvenience paperwork-wise with the local government. I know there is another set of trilogy featuring Ravenor and eisenhorj he would play a bigger part in the story but didn’t expect him to be taken out so quickly.

So you can imagine how surprised I was to be confronted with the quality of this work. Are you only vaguely aware of 40K, but have heard good things about this book? I wish I found this series earlier! I have re-read each novel at least four times and throughly enjoyed them each time. Eisenhorn investigates the mysterious death of an old friend which appears to be a simple open and shut case.


At no point did I get bored. This leads to a fun little exposition moment where Gregor again talks directly to the reader.

Eisenhorn Omnibus

Mar 01, Anthony Defranco rated it it was amazing. The two short stories included are well worth a read as well and even though they are presented sequentially they are designed to be stand alone pieces not important to the over-arcing plot and I find they are better enjoyed afterward as dessert pieces.

But Abnett was fairly consistently named as a good writer of fun sci-fi, so I gave this a go. I’m still not quite clear and finished with my decision whether Eisenhorn is doomed for heresy since the line between pure intentions and malevolent righteosness is very fine in this book; Eisenhorn certainly impersonates the former, and most of ran Inquisition colleagues fall victim to the latter, making Eisenhorn somewhat naive and blinded by his defenceless, somewhat faltering good will and readiness to better the Chaos-rotten Imperium by all means necessary.

Eisenhorn (Eisenhorn, #) by Dan Abnett

This also leads to what I think is a pretty great quote: They always choose brilliant narrators, and Toby Longworth does a brilliant job. His narrative plotting and character arcs become easy to predict, and he loves to write really short sentences to add drama to a scene when something is about to go wrong. First the story begins ninety eight years after the events of Xenoswhich is a pretty big time jump and somewhere in the middle one of the crew members have died but not much is said of that particular event.

The trilogy tracks the established career of Gregor Eisenhorn, Inquisitor to the Imperium of Mankind. Even when they write something borderline amazing, it will be diminished by the fact that you have to know the world, and the knowledge that “hey, its a tie-in, how good can it be. Which I kind of expected as it’s a very in-depth game world, but I was really surprised at how awesome a lot of the stuff was.

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Eisenhorn : Dan Abnett :

Sign In Don’t have an account? Thanks for the question Matthew. I’ve read the book in the deep voice that in my mind belongs to Eisenhorn. I will say ominbus that in my list of favorite characters in science fiction, Eisenhorn is on that list.

Dec 22, Stuart rated it really liked it Shelves: Aemos, Bequin, Bure, Glaw, even Cherubael in his few scenes throughout the years.

They are awesome, what did you expect? Some of the books, even now, are little more than advertisements for the latest little plastic men that Games Workshop has produced.

Eisenhorn (Series)

For more totally unjustified snark, check out my review blog here! Retrieved from ” http: It relies, though, upon a fundamental faith in mankind, and if there’s one thing that the fiction of the Warhammer 40, universe has taught me, it’s that faith in your fellow man can be omnibua truly dangerous thing to have.

Quality has not been eieenhorn strong point for a few decades. No pure ice worlds here, nor planets with twenty alien species speaking one language. A superior authored tale of the 41st millenium.