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Oracle PLSQL and D2K Interview Questions. 1. What is NOCOPY? By default the IN parameter is passed by reference and the OUT and IN. D2K – 77 D2K interview questions and answers by expert members with experience in D2K subject. Discuss each question in detail for better understanding. Oracle d2k interview questions Oracle d2k interview questions. Overview · Version History · pkraju. Oracle forms interview questions and answers.

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Explain the various types of canvas in form. Have you good knowledge on Java? Ref cursor is a data type and executed at server side and with ref cursor multiple select statements can be executed. What is the reason for not getting any data when a multi org view is quired? Rise in Demand for Talent Here’s how to train middle managers This is how banks are wooing startups Nokia to cut thousands of jobs.

Apr 25 What is OLE Activation style property?

A placeholder column is used to hold the value of certain calculation or a variable that is being carried out in a formula column. If yes then how: Since the size of some layout objects quesyions change when the report runs and data is actually fetchedwe need anchors to define where we want objects to appear relative to one another.


Otherwise it is better to use database procedures. The main features in Release 11i is 1.

During run time, how do I get to know that which TAB is accessed by the user currently? What are object group?

I want to know how to determine which tab the user is on in run time. When user logs on to the system. I need to run a report at Scheduled timings only.

D2K Interview Questions

Decode function decodes expression after comparing it to each search condition. Adding choices to the special mence and logic to modify choices the default menu and tool bar behavior is necessary. Difference between bind parameter and lexical parameter. An anchor defines the relative position of an object to the object to which it is anchored.

GET name in varchar2. It is a set of changeable options through which your application runs. It is a front end tool which consist of forms and reports and use plsql as a coding language 2. What is OLE automation? Did you customize or build a new workflow. Dec 20 It is a set of changeable options through which your application runs.


Data to Knowledge data mining application. If another template is applied later to a report the existing template objects will be deleted in the current report section. What is a Responsibility? Skip to content Read the most frequently asked 50 top Oracle D2K interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced job interview questions pdf Oracle D2K Interview Questions and Answers List 1. These are the list of programs that can be defined as incompatible with a pertain program.

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Do you know table based value sets? Behaves exactly like built in USER. Oracle apps Interview Questions. FTP the Trace file.

What is the difference between Frame and Repeating Frame? What is confine mode and flex mode?