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The scouts have to start somewhere, right? Today we visited the Golden Eagle Cub Scout Day Camp in Covina California within the LA area. We worked with 97 . Explore Trish Gillam’s board “LNT” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Leave no trace, Camping ideas and Cub scout activities. to the new Cub Scout Outdoor Ethics Awareness & Action Awards. . Are you talking about the old Cub Scout LNT award (blue diamond.

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35 best LNT images on Pinterest | Leave no trace, Camping ideas and Cub scout activities

Did we mention it is fun and educational? This patch is worn as a temporary emblem on the right uniform pocket. Items per page cubscuot 10 20 40 Do you want to learn more about Leave No Trace? As we pulled up to our favorite camp site we found that someone had built a dam across the stream which had flooded that spot. Dec 12, Every Leave-No-Tracer should be aware of these exciting developments from View the change list cugscout of these requirements.

Our reach is broad, but we are grateful to be based in Colorado, home cubscut some of the most inspiring Retrieved from ” http: As soon as all of their equipment was loaded up the boys were lined up, cubxcout were about 14 young men, and they walked the entire camp picking up everything that was not natural. As we arrived at one of our favorite camp sites we were shocked at the condition of the area.


With the above standard stated, we have the following in place to continue the practice of having camps using a special fun-based theme program. No fishing or hiking.

35 best LNT images on Pinterest | Leave no trace, Camping ideas and Cub scout activities

In that case, they can only be edited by an administrator. How can practice wilderness survival by destroying the trees in the forest we want to survive in?

One was over 10 inches in diameter, possibly over cubscouf old. I am sharing something I wrote about it. Teaching outdoor skills is important, but it is imperative that we instill the values behind them. There was a wilderness survival shelter, the stumps of several Ponderosa pine trees, cut about 3 feet from the ground with small hatchets, many pieces of wood lashed together with a fluorescent binder twine, along with a long strand of twine left on the ground, a large amount of candy and gum wrappers, and the cladding of the shelter; a small mountain of cut willows.

LNT Awards

Let us know which one means the most to you so that we can do the best job possible delivering information that is important to you. There we found another mess. Pothole Nov 14, Escalante, UT: The shelter was skillfully made from 15 freshly cut Ponderosa poles about 12 feet long.


One of the saddest things was the cut trees.

Items per page 5 10 20 40 This beautiful grove of majestic Ponderosas is located in a very interesting geologic formation with a small, refreshing stream. Test your knowledge… Do you have to pack out toilet paper… Or is it okay to bury?

Leave No Trace Blogs

Human waste, and what we do with it, can be a serious issue for public lands. We Heart Nature, do you?

Get your great reference card today! Cub Scouts spend part of each day at camp, and return home after each session.

Do you want to learn more about Leave No Trace? Ecology-related awards Boy Scout merit badges: No paddling around the lake and no picnics at the park. Just as they arrived a Scout troop was departing. The themes are very visible, hands-on programs that are available to all participants.