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CTEK DS DUAL D.C Charger – DC/DC solution for operational charging The DS DUAL charger obtains its energy from DC sources such as alternators. The CTEK DS Dual DC-DC charger will charge, condition and maintain your dual battery system, with the ability to charge from both your alternator while. Why won’t my CTEK DS Dual Charge from Solar Panels? The CTEK D DC-DC Charger will also charge from solar panels while it is getting input from.

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Returns Policy Satisfaction Guarantee Need to return an item? If the ground of your chassis is good you would be just fine to run the ground there instead of back to the battery.

Let us know if anything is missing or if you have any questions. This will enhance your alternator performance and allow you to efficiantly charge your battery.

We’ve been serving customers since our parts store first opened in and continue to be recognized by our customers, our vendors and third parties for exceptional service. And you could run 2 of the DS chargers, CTEK, off of the same power source provided that the power source is rated for the combined draw of both chargers.

Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information. This is especially important if the service battery is large or consists of a bank of batteries, in which case charging could normally take a long time.


Do you have a question about this Accessories and Part? But by adding a SmartPass you can: Otherwise it could be mounted on the truck.

Maximum amperage output is 80 amps and again the length of this temperature sensor cord is about six-and-a-half feet. I have attached a diagram showing how this rual would work for you; I’ve also attached a review video of the SmartPass Unit for you to take a look at.

CTEK DS Dual Input Battery Charger | eBay

The cables on it has an eyelet terminal right here that connects to the negative cable. It takes advantage of higher-output alternators to charge larger banks of service batteries, and it protects both batteries and electronics.

If the service battery charge gets low, the SmartPass will cut power to duall non-critical equipment first.

Customers compare CTEK to these similar products. The Ctem requires an input voltage range of 10 to 22 volts but Your order is automatically routed to get out of our warehouse and to your door as quickly as possible.

The width is about four-and-a-quarter inches wide. He did state that because of the start assistance that the SmartPass provides, they highly recommend using a amp fuse and not a amp unit. Without the smartpass your battery charger provides about 20 amps but with the smartpass your battery charger will provide about amps.


Without being connected to a power source it will not charge your auxiliary dd250s. The SmartPass also protects the power to critical electrical devices by separating them from non-critical equipment such as duxl refrigerators.

Highest quality accessories and parts for the best price. It will protect against overheating of the service battery. IP65 – splashproof and dustproof Length of temperature sensor: If you want to actually charge the battery of the trailer from a depleted state you would need heavier gauge wire than 10 gauge.


Unfortunately we don’t carry that updated model, but I have confirmed compatibility with the manufacturer for you. Videos are provided as a guide only. This is your temperature sensor right here. With that being said, a 20 minute drive is not really sufficient time to charge a battery so your best option would be to incorporate the use This system monitors the battery temperature and protects the batteries from overheating.

A battery ctfk range for this unit is 75 amp hours to amp hours. To answer your questions, the negative from the altenator will not come into play and should stay grounded to the vehicle.