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I am stringing together a group of modules. We completed Mos Shuuta at the moment are in Crates of Krayts combined with an old. CRATES OF KRAYTS “Who in their right mind would transport even a single krayt dragon across interstellar space?” – Pash, seasoned smuggler. Crates of Krayts begins play shortly after the events of Long Arm of the Hutt. Our HEROES have assisted in the demise of Teemo the Hutt which created a power.

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Every Heist in kryts Edge of the Empire game needs some sort of flowchart, or else it will not run smoothly. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

Crates of Krayts | Wookieepedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

About a kilometer away. Furthermore if the PCs intentionally kill the dragon for the pearl they will have earned an Enemy of Sinasu the Hutt gaining 5 Obligation toward the Hutt’s desire of Vengeance. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The adventure opens wrth Jora. This site uses cookies. Vapor Station lies at the juncture where a narrow.

While this adventure introduces game concepts and rules. Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Lf Script. Any PCs who are Force Sensitive who stand by and allow this to happen would themselves earn 5 Conflict.

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Star Wars – Edge of the Empire – Crates of Krayts (Beta Rulebook) – Free Download PDF

The pilot’s Obligation Family triggered. Posted May 12, The PCs’ ship is in a docking bay near the canyon rim. This should be a challenging encounter. Mrayts various corridors, stairs, doors, and vestibules formed the arrows and dotted connections between the true points of interest of the adventure.


Krayt Dragons What was the end condition of the Krayt Dragons?

The Beta Book is no longer available for sale. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Edge of the Empire RPG. It is obviously an enormous metal tank around two kilometers across Agmg, dim lights hang from the gently arcmg ceiltng.

Both crates require monitoring. Through the mtddle of the platform ts a large shaft that appears to run from the top of the tank to the bottom. Create an account or sign in kryats comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

The work is already done, just a bit of typesetting and the approval process and perhaps some new art to sex things up a touch and boom! Their’s a space battle down the road. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Submit a new text post. The wa ter’s dark surface is about meters from the top of the tank.


Thank you for interesting in our services. He relieves the PCs of a portion of their Obligation, and might even give them a bonus for the rescue. Play begins with the characters meeting Jora. The players should create their characters, buy equipment. What was the end condition of the Krayt Dragons? If you do this, the Tusken Raiders should witness the event as they are attacking Vapor Station since they want to protect and release the Krayt dragons a creature they worship.


Sign up for a new account in our community. The PCs can land anywhere there is space to do so. If the PCs try to blow the hatch itself. The crew has six days to get this all done. They stand in front of a ramshackle clay structure. They also have an opportunity to interact with each other and take care of personal gear or the shrp itself When the PCs arrive at the crty-planet of Nar Shaddaa, they find that Greentop.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. If you have higher level players you can always consider allowing the PCs to hunt down and capture the Krayt dragons themselves on Tatooine. They frequently lose contact.

Sinasu can always threaten to repossess their ship. Has anyone run it? The PCs can make an AverageLtfl. To make matters worse. Before you is a heavily-scarred Rod tan big game hunter called Jora.

It IS a time of keayts war Throughout the galaxy. Characters kragts find working for the Hutt morally repugnant might go along on the promrse that success will bring them one step closer to removing his influence from their lives. Please help us to share our service with your friends. The incubator is old and temperamental.

The only thing that impacts the game later on are the missiles. A battle ensues in the shop.