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It felt also strange to think that TSR could have put an entirely new fantasy rpg game in without me ever noticing. My first thought was it. A list of products, cover scans, and sources for purchase of these out-of-print books for the various Conan role playing games. Lost Game Safari: The Conan RPG from TSR By Jeff Mejia Conan. With the exception of the works of Professor Tolkien, no other character of.

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The corners of the map are ripped from apparently being tacked to a wall maybe, please see photos for the details Seller information thewitheredfig I think the most distinctive thing about the game is the way that your skills create your pool, rather than the other way round.

The damage system makes for slow, ponderous combat. The system itself is just not very good in many areas. Anyway back to the TSR Conan game.

Conan – TSR/GURPS – Wayne’s Books RPG Reference

I never gave it a chance either, but will look with renewed enthusiasm! In the Hyborian world, mages are a conann and mistrusted bunch.

Fabian November 18, at My neighbours combine both styles. A jade crocodile with emerald eyes as big as a man’s hand.

What you see is what you get! The great witch-doctor, Zogar Tsrr, has sworn vengeance upon the Aquilonian invaders. Characters – Character creation is very quick and simple. For there are reports of good work for any who can swing a sword or cut a purse.


Conan The Mercenary Module Cn2 TSR 7402 Conan RPG RARE OOP D&d OSR

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Nearly all the art for the game was horrible, the Vallejo cover for the second module being the exception to the rule.

It was some optional added crunch for weapons, adding an “impact factor” that increased the range of results on which a weapon could produce a specific wound.

And for that they turned to Conan the cona game. Sprague De Camp introduction His tragic mistake is that he threatens Conan also, for Conan is now King of this mighty land. They still all work around the nice simple mechanic. Christian Lindke June 7, at 3: March 25, at I think Mongoose prg a better job at adventure design in the Hyborian setting.

This complete roleplaying game lets players and Games Masters alike step into the world of the greatest fantasy hero of all time and shake the world of Hyboria. Anyway, it’s not lost. It may be worth picking up on eBay just for more background information.

dpg The cultures, religions, traditions, legends and more are all explored to ensure this is the most definitive Conan roleplaying game of all time.

This adds even more to character staleness. The Beastmaster – The Beastmaster was really spread thin on points. Beyond Thunder River and you can use the character from that adventure here, is is not necessary. Welcome to the Black!


There is never really described the corruption of a sorcerer simply from knowing and using magic, despite what many gamers say. You are Conan of Cimmeria, commander of the scouts at Fort Tuscelan.

Conan The Mercenary Module Cn2 TSR Conan RPG RARE OOP D&d OSR | eBay

Howard rppg, Swords and SorceryWriting. I think I’d like it much better now. This map is for your use. In recent tsd, the ruthless natives have burned Aquilonian homesteads, raided merchant caravans, and brutally murdered several soldiers from the fort. The magic system In the Conan game was truly original.

The game itself is not bad, and is definitely a change of pace. Its lean and fast and it was way more fun than it looked. It’s too bad TSR didn’t put a little more effort into marketing this game. I hated the ‘world’ book “by Ervin H Roberts” which was a pathetic excuse for researching the world, lazily done in a style ripoff ala Indiana Jones which was released about the same time by TSRbut all in all the game was nicely put together. Together, they were Conan and the Queen of the Black Coast.