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Coin Acceptors (Coinco) is a world leader in the design and manufacture of coin mechanisms, bill acceptors, control systems, and vending machines for the. Vantage · BillPro · Bill Recyclers (1/0). Vantage VR6 · Product History (2/0). Bill Acceptors · Coin Changers · iris (2/2). iris Reader · iris Media · Coinco-Office (0/1) . COINCO GLOBAL 2® SERIES O P E R AT I O N AN D S E R V I CE MANUAL TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION 1: GENERAL INFORMATION.

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Make sure tube sensor board is properly secured to main logic board.

The coins will then be routed to the cashbox. If coin still goes to cashbox, replace acceptor with good acceptor and test to see if changer functions properly. This feature only provides a means for the acceptor to alter coin routing when different physical payout tubes have been placed in the changer body.

Tilting the coin tube loading door open, load the four coin tubes. Louis, MO Phone: You are now able to fully clean both the intermediate cover paying particular attention to the mirrored surfaceas well as the interior coin rail and gates.

Once the tube reaches its float level in Standard Float Mode, any coins normally routed to that tube will be sent to the cashbox. Replace the cashbox chute by pressing in and up to snap into place. The current price setting is displayed. Lockable coin loading door allows easy hand-loading of coin tubes while keeping dirt and debris out of the changer.


Check to make sure the tube cover and acceptor studs are properly installed. OFF Escrow not inhibited. Address C Priceline 2. Address C Priceline 2 7. Manual Fill Mode Manual Fill Mode allows coins to be inserted into the acceptor which routes the coins to the proper coin tube without establishing credit.

The far right decimal point will illuminate to indicate the setting has been stored to memory.

Coin Acceptors (Coinco) Europe

For example, Serial Number would indicate that the unit was manufactured in the 15th week of Use buttons B increase or Globak decrease to change the value. You will exit the Display Mode if one of the following procedures is performed: Reassemble globzl of acceptor in reverse order of ciinco.

The tubes can be removed one at a time by pulling upward. Page 16 The Exact Change Group can be programmed in three ways: A label indicating the coin changer model number and serial number can be found on the side of the coin changer. The far right decimal point will illuminate indicated the selection has been stored. Press C again to view the lower four digits, including the decimal point if any.


Figure 8 for 4-Price Electromechanical 7. Press Button C again to store the selection.

Coin acceptor of coinco global 2 mdb

Place a screw driver into the slot and apply an inward pressure to free the tube retainer tab whilst pulling upwards on the tube. When the light is OFF, all enabled coins in the coin set are accepted. All models have MDB in addition to the primary protocol XXX The first digit of the model number indicates the series of the changer 7, 8 or 9. The glibal changer should be kept in its original shipping carton when not in use.

Example of setting up user defined coin routing. If there is more than one error, the codes will alternate one after the other.

Do not reuse shims. Press B to scroll up to C