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ing principles and understanding in each developmental stage. “Chum Kiu trains the stance and the waist. The arm bridge is short and the step is narrow. Learn the whole form with easy step by step procedures that makes it easy for DOWNLOAD: Sifu Fernandez – WingTchunDo – Lesson 03 – Chum Kiu – Form. Although many of the movements are similar, Chum Kiu varies significantly between schools. Some notable.

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Introduces Biu Ma stepping to the student.

Chum Kiu Form Movements

Introduces kicking techniques to the student. It should feel natural. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The wrists are in front of the waist, This ensures the hands are not too close to atep body or too far away. If you already have an account please log in. Many more variations also exist. Once you find your proper posture, keep your legs and torso in position throughout the form.

This is the training stance Gee Kim Yeung Ma. Email yourself a new password. Log in or create a free account. Views Read Edit View history. In this form we introduce the compass to tell you what way to face.


From Wikibooks, open books atep an open world. The mind should be cleared ready to concentrate on the form. With your knees together you can protect your groin against kicks and knees. This should be the case throughout the form. Move your hands to attack and defend in the new centerline. Chum Kiu makes the student practice a number of useful skills.

The opening, centerline, and punch sections are the same as in Siu Nim Tau. Chum Kiu means “Searching for the Bridge.

This page setp last edited on 27 Augustat Archived from the original PDF on Your hands are up high enough that it takes some effort to keep them there.

I practiced the Lan Sau turning movement in Chum Kiu every strp, all day for three months, but my father wouldn’t teach me the next movement until I got it right. They are dhum in Chum Kiu to emphasize their importance. Views Read Edit View history. The arms are lifted and the inside of the forearms rotate to face towards the practitioner. Although this is done in Sil Lim Tao, for the most part, when both hands are used in the first form they perform the same action whereas in Chum Kiu they do different things, requiring a higher level of ability and concentration from the practitioner.

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Chum Kiu – Wikipedia

The feet are truned out on the heels. The Second Forms’ Structure The first section of Chum Kiu teaches how to use turning and techniques at the same time, for example the Bong Sau and Wu Sau are performed whist turning jiu shifting the body weight from one leg to the other.

This was filmed in just a few weeks before Ip Man passed away. Most importantly, don’t simply go through the form’s motions while you’re thinking about work or your favorite TV show. When you face an opponent and go in, you go in the center.