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Set on fictional Jar Island, this first collaboration between Han (We’ll Always Have Summer) and Vivian (The List) follows three teenage girls. : Burn for Burn (The Burn for Burn Trilogy) (): Jenny Han, Siobhan Vivian: Books. : Fire with Fire (The Burn for Burn Trilogy) (): Jenny Han, Siobhan Vivian: Books.

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Mary’s story is the most mysterious. Mary wants revenge on the guy who’s bullied her throughout middle school. I hated him in Book 1, hated what he did to Mary and all the sneers and jeers he gave to everyone Everything is just complicated.

The Burn for Burn Trilogy

And it also seemed to be annd to just one girl in particular, not all three of them. I don’t think boys even know how to hold a grudge.

Looking forward to it! The story and everything about it is engrossingly addictive despite the plot becoming darker and darker by the chapters.

Fire with Fire (Burn for Burn, #2) by Jenny Han

The ending is also quite surprising because I did not imagine what Mary really is; I only assumed that there’s something mysterious about her character, but I didn’t A great follow up to the first installment in this series of Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian, reading Fire with Fire is like watching a chick-lit, mystery, and paranormal movie.

Ich kann es jetzt kau 4. Here’s why I liked it, despite its flaws: Mary doesn’t know Lillia haj Kat. To ask other readers questions about Burn for Burnplease sign up. It wasn’t perfect by any means and dude, what’s with the paranormal thing at the end?!


Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Fire with Fire

And, most of all, would the fact that those people didn’t deserve to have even a little of their lives ruined bother me? I’m very excited to find out more about this mysterious side that unexpectedly reminded me of one of my favorite horror movies. But what of R Oh. The characters will touch your hearts and the plot line will have you falling off your chair.

Lillia, Kat, and Mary had the perfect plan. A broken heart for a broken heart. I was the shy but friendly one. He must have been terrified, some random cute girl claiming to be the same girl who he drove to suicide five years earlier.

View all 9 comments. The plot twist about Mary was mind-blowing, and the end left me terrified to see what Jenny and Siobhan have planned for these infuriatingly rash characters in the next Updates below!

Lillia’s own experience in the matter only makes me root for her more. As far as Mary goes, she had feelings for the guy who tormented her, despite everything he did. Kat is the badass girl that everyone envies, she’s not afraid to do anything and is so loyal and strong that you can’t help but fall in love with her good side.

I loved that the story was a bit on the shorter side, it doesn’t take very long to finish. No question about it. And that’s exactly what Lilia, Kat and Mary are after, sweet revenge. A pox upon all cliffhangers everywhere!

Not to mention just totally off the charts with insanity. Now I need to get to the ending Rennie definitely saw her the way she was when she died. Yes he could be a punk at times, but the moments when vivan shared his sweet and tender side I loved!


Things add up and then they don’t. There were only a few other times in the first two books where I remember Mary being seen, by people other than Kat and lilia. After their little avenge-gone-wrong at homecoming, the girls decided to rest the matter.

Her depth of feelings which she developed over the course of the book and having to constantly battle them away was so hard to watch. Anyway, we get vuvian learn more about Lillia’s traumatic past and how she is struggling to trust boys the same way once more.

Burn for Burn by Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian – book review

Lillia goes through quite a lot in Fire With Fire, she’s on a mission to break Reeve’s heart as well as dealing with the bulling and little bit of racism from Rennie. The only character I love al OH. Kat is the “bitch” out of the three, her voice is the strongest, she is easily identifiable through her toughness and her tendency to be terribly blunt and sometimes profane.

Siobhan Vivian Ahn Author. Overall this was a very very good book. The Nooks of Books: She was Rennie’s ex-friend form a while back and hates her for ruining her life.