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These beings, known as Vril-ya, live underground, but are planning soon to claim .. Bulwer-Lytton was probably intrigued by the idea of hollow earth and some. Vril (The Power of the Coming Race). Edward Bulwer-Lytton (). Edward_Bulwer_Lytton_Hermetik. Chapter 1 to 4 · Chapter 5 to 8 · Chapter 9 to Vril: The Power of the Coming Race [Edward Bulwer-Lytton, Tarl Warwick] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Vril; the Power of the Coming .

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lhtton April 26, at 1: This boy never saw a flower but he put some gilding on it. In commencement of this recapitulation, it must be documented by he who is myself that the creator of this compendium takes no thrift in the utilization of glosses, and is in fact quite bombastic in literary usage.

Literature of this sort was rare. It is used to rend ways through solid matter. To see vdil your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Recent research has shown that Bulwer-Lytton developed his ideas about “Vril” against the background of his long preoccupation with occult natural forces, which were widely discussed at that time, especially in relation to animal magnetism or, later, spiritualism.

Now, as some bodies are charged with electricity like the torpedo or electric eel, and never can communicate that power to other bodies, so I suppose the existence of a race charged with that electricity and having acquired the art to concentre and direct it in a word, to be conductors of its lightnings.

Like most of the literature in that era, it tells the story in a flowing, eloquent way that is a pleasure to read in and of itself. This world is inhabited by non-human humanoids who have discovered vril an energy-giving substance which allows them to amongst other things: They had some diseases in common; they were both subject to the same parasitical worms in the intestines; and, strange to say, the An has, in his structure, a swimming-bladder, no longer of any use to him, but which is a rudiment that clearly proves his descent from a Frog.


The Vril-ya are so like the ideal of Republican Rome that the book might be regarded as an unconscious manifesto for an aristocratic republicanism bulweer with submersion into democracy. It just became too tiresome.

Lytton initially attempts lyttton make a case that bland “equality” is the vrril society we have to assume he believes vrul, because this is the book; there is no story per sealthough in his own descriptions, the vril absolutely do not walk the walk.

It is worth noting that Bulwer-Lytton was not in agreement with all scientific progress. The vril was an all-purpose power equally useful bulaer destruction as it was for creating.

The Vril-ya have progressed far beyond any human society inhabiting the surface of the globe. The nice conceit of multipurpose vril allowed Bulwer-Lytton to imagine lots of wondrous things.

Happily for him, he gets taken in as a kind of pet by one of the chief households, and shown everything, taught their language, etc. Is this a story?

Vril – Wikipedia

Everything important is free and prejudice has been eliminated by a homogenous society that turns to ash anyone who threaten its placid existence. It can also be used as a power source for animating mechanisms. Women are the dominant gender, and women take the active role in courtship. It was highly influential in Theosophy and other esoteric occult movements of the time, to the point where some believed it was a true account.

Tall, beautiful, strong, intelligent but incredibly stubborn!

Vril, The Power of the Coming Race

Overall, The Coming Race is a fascinating read from a historical point of view, though it is terribly bhlwer as a story. May 21, Darryl rated it it was amazing. Large portions were rather boring, describing the society of the Vril-ya, which I wasn’t impressed with on any applicable level. I am by no means, however, wedded to Vril, if you can suggest anything else to carry out this meaning namely, that the coming race, though akin to us, has nevertheless acquired by hereditary transmission, etc.


There were customs and regulations to compliance with which, for several ages, the people had tacitly habituated themselves; or if in any instance vgil individual felt such compliance hard, he quitted the community and went elsewhere. He uses this device to deduce a completely different relationship between governments and the people. Vril is used for destruction only on rare occasions, and typically to subdue beasts such as the aforementioned Krek. Hard to imagine how anyone would find this a true story it seems like lyton publishers of my particular edition in fact did.

A lot lhtton the assumptions Bulwer-Lytton takes for granted concerning what is “good” and desirable, I do not. They explore a natural chasm in a mine which has been exposed by an exploratory shaft. Vil if the premise for this mess wasn’t defective enough, Lytton goes off on what seem to be obvious cocaine fueled rants, not unlike Herman Melville in Moby Dick.

Maybe analyzing it in class will encourage me to up the star rating but for now it remains at a 1 because it was torturous to get through.

I know that some Theosophists believe lytgon book is actually true. In one volume octavo, price 10s. At one point they find the entrance into another world and they venture in.

It was quite the advanced civilization, although they had no idea that an upper world was just a hop, skip and a jump above them. Eventually both Taee and Zee conspire against such vulwer command, and Zee leads the narrator through the same chasm which he first descended.