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Score by Benjamin Britten published by Boosey and Hawkes in Browse through all arias, ensembles and roles from the opera Billy Budd by Benjamin Britten. With links to the scenes with movies and more information. Benjamin Britten’s Billy Budd based on Herman Melville’s story, is one of the 20th Century’s most tragic operas and the only opera with an all-male cast.

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Tenor Donald a sailor: Archived from the original on 17 January In the two-act version, Dansker simply tells the others Vere’s nickname, “Starry Vere,” and this is enough for the impulsive Billy to swear his loyalty to the unseen captain.

The opera premiered at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow on November 25, Claggart returns, and tells Vere that Billy poses a threat of mutiny. Buy, hire or view score. Berth-deck Act 3 Scene 1: All opera sheetmusic Soprano sheetmusic Mezzo Soprano sheetmusic Tenor sheetmusic Baritone sheetmusic Bass sheetmusic.

As he recalls Billy’s blessing, he realises he has discovered genuine goodness and can be at peace with himself. Britten revised the opera in by converting it into two acts, and cutting a scene where Captain Vere musters the troops. This disturbed Britten, but Ghedini’s opera gained little notice.

Claggart, the Master-at-Arms, calls him “a ubdd in a thousand,” despite the slight defect of a stammer. Just before his execution, he praises Vere with his final words, singing “Starry Vere, God Bless you! Helpmann Award for Best Opera.

Tenor Billy Budd foretopman: Billy begs Vere to save him, and the officers appeal to him for guidance, but Vere remains silent and accepts their verdict. This was the end of Act 3 in the four-act version. It was originally in four acts with three intervals. Twitter Thank you to everyone who visited The Bdd House this year.


Billy Budd (revised 2-Act version)

The Captain is forced to convene an immediate court-martialand the officers find Billy guilty and sentence him to hang. The Indomitable attacks, but loses the enemy in the mist. Night Mail The Prince of the Pagodas Baritone John Claggart Master-at-Arms: Billy Budd by Herman Melville.

Uppman was acclaimed as a new star. Forster had an interest in the novella, which sore discussed in his Clark lectures at Cambridge University.

Forster agreed to this project, and worked with Eric Croziera regular Britten collaborator, to write the opera’s libretto. Dansker, an old sailor, nicknames Billy “Baby Budd” for his innocence.

In fact, Forster agreed to this project, and worked with Eric Crozier, a Britten collaborator, to write the opera’s libretto. Billy Budd Synopsis Libretto: Originally in four acts, it was first performed at the Royal Opera HouseLondon, on 1 December ; it was later revised as a two-act opera with a prologue and an epilogue.

Billy refuses the bribe and believes he will be rewarded, but Dansker warns him to beware of Claggart. Mini-feature of the Glyndebourne production of Billy Budd 6: Opera by Benjamin Britten. Brutten all Search scenes Search operas Search roles Search composers. External links for Billy Budd Sheetmusic for this opera on Sheetmusicplus. Bay of the upper gun-deck Scene 2: Load Moreā€¦ Follow on Instagram. However, when alone, Claggart reveals his hatred for Billy and vows to destroy him. The Novice buvd from his flogging, unable to walk and helped along by a friend.


The crew of the Indomitable works on budd.

Billy Budd – Britten-Pears Foundation

Claggart takes his complaint about Billy to Vere, but he is bkdd in his accusation by a brief skirmish with a French frigate that ends with the enemy escaping. Britten would later write three Church Parables with all-male casts, but these are different to conventional operas.

This page was last edited on 11 Decemberat This is the only all-male opera in the standard opera house repertoire.

Billy prepares for his execution in his cell. The officers take his words as a deliberate provocation and order the men below decks. Piano Concertorev. Billy goes for some tobacco to cheer him up, and discovers Squeak rifling through his kit.

Benjamin Britten – Billy Budd, op. 50 – study score

He orders the Novice to try brritten bribe Billy into joining a mutinyand the broken-spirited Novice quickly agrees. Boys voices Cabin boy: Archived from the original on 9 March When Britten conducted the opera’s premiere, in its original form of four acts, it received 17 curtain calls. The opera in fact premiered after the Festival had finished.

For slipping and bumping into an officer, the Novice is sentenced to be flogged.