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Long ago, a lone little burro roamed the high cliffs of the Grand Canyon and touched the hearts of all who knew him: a grizzled old miner, a big-game hunter, . Brighty of the Grand Canyon has ratings and reviews. Bionic Jean said: Brighty of the Grand Canyon is a children’s novel from , written by. Brighty of the Grand Canyon by Marguerite Henry – A determined little burro earns the loyalty and affection of everyone he encounters in this classic story from.

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I will always remember that while we were reading this book, my son and I stayed in my sister-in-law’s parents’ mountain house. It’s still a wonderful read — at any age. Start your free trial. Brighty of the Grand Canyon First edition.

Brighty of the Canyon statue – North Rim Lodge

When night came there was a beaver trapper named, Jake Irons that decided to have dinner with them and Brighty will take you on an exciting journey through this book. Originally named “Bright Angel” after a creek that flowed into the Grand Canyon from his summer dwelling on the North RimBrighty spent summers carrying water from a spring below the rim to accommodate tourists coming to the Canyon.

He was gentle—children could ride endlessly on his back without his being provoked. Brighty was the first to have crossed the suspension bridge built over the Colorado River at the base of the canyon, having even helped in the building of the structure. Inshe married Sidney Crocker Henry. There is some peril. I had an old copy of this book when I was little, god-knows where it is now but I loved its stunning black-and-white illustrations, vibrant characters, rural scenery and adventurous plot.

For anyone who has read any of the Misty stories Marguerite Henry continues with her own style of writing. But he neither drank nor played in the water. Brighty of the Grand Canyon is a children’s novel by Marguerite Henry and a film of the same name based on the novel.

When night came there was a beaver trapper named, Jake Irons that decided to have dinner with them and as they were havig there dinner Old Timer couldn’t help but tell Jake Irons about what he found in the canyon which was a vien of ore. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign brightyy. In terms of style, Henry’s is easy and engaging.


Over the ledge a few spears of bunch grass grew in a crevice.

It is about a burro a boy donkey named Brighty. This book was my first introduction to the Grand Canyon, followed a few years later by Grofe’s Grand Canyone Suite which my Mother said I played “over and over” til she knew it by heart and then Once on his way, a kind of momentum took hold of him and he fairly flew, rounding one cliff only to face another. Inshe published Misty of Chincoteague and it was an instant success.

I recently spotted it at a library sale and purchased it for my neighbor’s little girl.

Brighty of the Canyon statue – North Rim Lodge | This is the… | Flickr

A Dutch oven on the remains of the campfire contained approximately half a loaf of bread that had been baked in it. Mar 25, Patrice rated it really liked it. It had a unique story line for a children’s book. Marguerite Henry was the beloved author of such classic horse stories as King of the Wind, Misty of Chincoteague, and Stormy: Henry uses the historical facts and embellishes the story to create a murder mystery with some valuable lessons in natural history.

Although I love the Grand Canyon and its history, both times I’ve tried readi Marguerite Henry made her career on writing novelizations of the lives of famous equines and other animals dogs mostly. Brighty also made enemies of those who wanted to catch him and put him to work.

Brighty of the Grand Canyon Worksheets and Literature Unit

Delightfully illustrated by Wesley Dennis, this book is for outdoors enthusiasts and animal lovers of all ages. Most of the events and people in Marguerite Henry’s novel were based on fact: When I found it in the Grand Canyon visitor’s center last week, I couldn’t resist reading it again.

One day I’ll go on a trek to see Balto’s and Brighty’s statues. He was smart—he would kick a man he thought dishonest. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The afternoon was late and purple shadows were spilling down the canyon walls gramd he came at last upon the source of the smoke. Brighty was the first to cross the suspension bridge built over the Colorado River grans the base of the canyon, having assisted with building of the structure. Marguerite Henry is surely guilty of anthropomorphism, but just as surely she knows her equines.


It set the little burro into action. The monument of stone walls and timbers has a memorial inscription written by Marguerite Henry: Although I love the Grand Canyon and its history, both times I’ve tried reading the book, I’ve had to struggle to finish it.

More than once when he was captured, he bdighty beaten with sticks, and once he was put into a cage and almost hanged, canyno the captor whom he knew from before tried to force him across the canyon.

A gem miner is murdered in the Grand Canyon, leaving behind his donkey companion.

Brighty of the Grand Canyon Who was Brighty? He was gentle and popular with children, even tue children to ride on his back sometimes. By the end, we all loved Brighty.

It is considered good luck to rub Brighty’s nose before hiking the Canyon – consequently, Brighty always has a brightly shined nose. The burro thought the man who packed his saddle bags a fool — the load woefully unbalanced, all off to one side. On reading it aloud to my own children, I was astounded to note how small a moment it was that so galvanized my heart. Not a penny for your thoughts, but a tablet. In the same way some aspects of 19th century literature, where our perceptions have moved on, lead naturally to thoughtful discussion.

President Theodore Roosevelt while he hunted mountain lions.

Brighty of the Grand Canyon – Wikipedia

I began reading L. In a corner of the lodge is the memorial the friendly burro Brighty. For yards and yards he walked in its bed, picking his way around the glossy boulders.