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That said, I’ll say that Jeremy Scahill’s “Blackwater” gets points for reportage, for his interviews and legwork. “Blackwater”, unlike P.W. Singer’s “Corporate. Jeremy Scahill: The only punishment doled out to US security men involved in deadly shootings is a jet home. Buy the Paperback Book Blackwater by Jeremy Scahill at , Canada’s largest bookstore. + Get Free Shipping on books over $25!.

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Put Blackwater on the Mexican border might be of use for defending America but that will never happen because they are really a globalist goon squad that pimp patriotism to morons when its convenient. Return to Book Page. In addition, Congress and the administration permitted them to conduct their business in secret since they were private companies and even managed to vote down an anti-war-profteering bill proposed by Senator Leahy. I mostly agree with what the author is trying to say, but don’t like his sensationalist style.

The scandal of Blackwater

Both the deployment of a private, full-shadowed militia to protect infrastructure and the privatization of disaster relief began.

The growth of Blackwater was exponential during the years of a Republican government and was not curbed enough under a Democratic president.

Scahill is a Puffin Foundation Writing Fellow a Jeremy Scahill is an American investigative journalist and author whose work focuses on the use of private military companies. Phrases such as ” However, there are problems that arrive. This assertion is blac,water unbelievable. I was also disturbed by the po This book covers Iraq and mercenaries in great detail. A pattern is emerging from the Congressional investigation into Blackwater: I think Scahill has done a great job of investigative reporting, but less well on contextualizing his subject matter.


With the argument that the economy would be desirable as an attack target because of its importance for the US for terrorists. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

The pay of a private army soldier is, as this book documents, 3 to 4 meremy that of a regular soldier. For example, Scahill quotes people comparing Blackwater to Hitler’s SA brownshirts, which is laughable.

The “Caspian Guard” operation used Blackwater troops to guard the oil pipeline through Georgia after the US helped to subvert the government of Eduard Amvrosiyevich Shevardnadze during the so called Rose Revolution in favor of Mikheil Nikolozis dze Saakashvili because the former wasn’t pro-US enough. Refresh and try again. Anyone who wants to understand what’s really going on with our foreign policy. View all 5 comments.

The other interesting thing is how often these guys say things like, private armies are more effective and ejremy than regular armies. He cites critics and advocates of Blackwater throughout leaving the facts to speak for themselves. Blackwater CEO Erik Prince has been answering questions about his security firm and its involvement in the shooting deaths blackwtaer Iraqi civilians. To reduce cost and boost their profits, they cut down on security measures, pushing their employees into dangerous situations with inappropriate protection.

This is a fucking fantastic book.

They work for the State Department and US military, but neither monitors mercenary actions. Eager warriors, great pay, hidden casualties and perhaps most important of all, the creation of a powerful business advocacy for both new foreign operations and the extension of those already blac,water.

He sternly applies Thou shall not commit adultery, by supporting a married pastor that had children by many women while married and another poster Well this is the history of Blackwater.

The Journal: Jeremy Scahill on Blackwater | Bill Moyers | PBS

Blackwateer Boykin had nothing to do with Blackwater, then Scahill’s anti-Boykin’s rants are distracting and utterly pointless. There may well have been up toprivate contractors in Iraq, but few of those are armed men.


In short, The Nation choir will sing its praises, but comes far short of claiming the conclusions it stakes out at the end. I sure hope Mr.

The author strays off topic repeatedly, droning on about the influence of the religious right within the US Government, or about other contractors besides Blackwater. Jun 17, Trevor rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is somewhat dated though, since Blackwater contractors have been held accountable for their actions in Iraq by the American courts.

Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army

Just if you might be interested. Initially, logistics and supply tasks were primarily to be placed in the blacckwater of private companies so that the army could concentrate on the primary responsibility of the struggle. Then let us consider the idea of the cost-plus arrangement, scahill simply turns into a means of siphoning government money into the coffers of the private company.

There is another missed opportunity in the chapter on Blackwater after Katrina – sdahill observe that we had boots on the ground with guns on the Gulf Coast before there was humanitarian aid is disturbing, but again I would have liked more information about this and an analysis of how outsourcing is impacting our disaster relief efforts.

I listened to the Blackstone Audio production audio read by Tom not Tim Weiner and thought it terrific.