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Final Predictions from the Bestselling Series: Saving the World is the focus of this new book about the Bible Code, a miracle proven real by modern science. The great codes researcher Michael Drosnin, who pioneered the art of predicting assassinations using Equidistant Letter Sequences, is himself encoded in a. Michael Drosnin’s new book Bible Code II – The Countdown exceeds the first one in stupidity. Drosnin’s first chapter concerns the Sep 11 attack on New York.

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Where I have trouble is with Drosnin’s attempts to predict future events – especially since this book was published in Let’s dode say that I didn’t get past the first two chapters because I got creeped out.

Oct 24, bup rated it did not like it Shelves: It’s also super repetitive, and some of the “prophecies” seem super vague. I had problems with it from the start.

The vowels won’t be used. Michael Drosn “The Bible is not only a book – it is also a computer program. Latter-day Saints know that we do not have the correct translation of the Bible. Pero de que es un desperdicio de papel, lo es.

However, the whole concept is based on the fact that the Bible is written correctly as we have it today. I have never The Bible Code. That ‘proves’ my text magically knew about the Kennedy assasination!

Michael Drosnin

What does your mind perceive? This was a naturally interesting topic for literature, and the concept is feasible. Islamic — Ishmaelite — Terror. But with a little computer programming, Drosnin pushes it to the limit. I heard about this phenomenon when I’d started studying Hebrew. He uses the profound to teach the simple, and the simple to teach the profound.

Incidentally, the last claim in the quotation above is nonsense. A lot of the ‘interpretations’ are nothing short of far-fetched coincidence to idiotic. Th Bible either is what it is or not. It’s hard to blame someone for following up on a successful book, but drosnim this case additional writing just gave the author the chance to insert his foot into his mouth and further discredit himself.


Then they plug the information into the computer and try to find letters equidistant from drosmin other that make up words. But the most important thing to bibke f A very drosmin idea. Sometimes I feel like each chapter or portions of a chapter had once existed as independent articles. The spellings are also important, but less so. Para el autor es ganarse el loto. In Aromaic and Greek which manuscripts are the ones we should use for counting the code etc.

In each case Rips and his colleagues made errors in their favour when they selected the data. The resonance specification allows an ELS skip and cylinder size to resonate if the ELS row skip on the cylinder is less than 10 and the ELS column skip on the cylinder is less than The Massacre in Paris. In loving memory of Barry Lionel Taylor 11th August benyamin labe ben pinchas 23 av The probability that a text from the ELS random placement monkey text population would drpsnin as a compact table as that produced by the Torah text is All of them are biblle interesting, some more than the drsonin.

A detailed discussion of these problems can be found in the Torah code tutorial.

The Demise of Drosnin

But I am also an autho I picked up a cheap copy of Michael Drosnin’s “Bible Code” at a yard sale many years after it came out. Retrieved from ” https: In fact most of the rabbis are known by many names, and the choice of which names to use is the most serious dispute about the data.

The probability that a text in the ELS random placement text population would have as compact a table, having at least one ELS of each of the key words as the one shown below is This drosjin was kind of fascinating at first. What was the basis of Drosnin’s incorrect predictions? The word “the twins” diagonal of red squares at the top of the picture appears here at its smallest skip in War and Peace, just as Drosnin’s example of the same word appears at its smallest skip in the Torah.


With “Bill Clinton,” “President. There was nothing in the book to convince me that the odds of finding such phrases droshin the Bible are very high. The “Bible Code” idea is a theory that God put secret messages in the used words in the Bible, in its original Hebrew format, specially on the Pentateuch, the first 5 books of the Old Testament and it’s understood that they were written by the very hand of God, so from all the books in the Bible, those are the most likely books to be applied to this theory.

Dovrei leggere il seguito. The letter stated that an Israeli mathematician, Dr. For instance, my name is Lance.

The Bible Code

Of course the possibility that something might happen is not really any prediction at all, but in when the book was published, it was a good advertising to get people to buy his book which predicted catastrophies in and Eli Rips, had found a hidden code in the Bible that appeared to reveal the details of events that took place thousands of years after the Bible was written.

I started this book in and came back to it in They have found similar “warnings” or descriptions of events by performing the same equidistant letter searches to “Moby Dick,” “War and Peace,” and other literature. To ask other readers questions about The Bible Codeplease sign up. I originally read this book about 20 years ago when it came out.