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1. Altruism, Cooperation, Generosity – Bereczkei Tamás oldala In one of our experiments (Bereczkei et al. ) we . Bereczkei T. Evolúciós pszichológia. Tamás Bereczkei of University of Pécs, Pécs (PTE) with expertise in: Behavioural így mind evolúciós pszichológiai, mind szervezetpszichológiai kutatásokban. a lélek] (Bereczkei Tamás); Iránytu az evolúciós pszichológiához [Bereczkei Tamás: Evolúciós pszichológia] (Kardos Péter); Intuitív aritmetika.

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Log In Sign Up. That is how a hypothesis Robert Trevis, has been confirmed: Evolution and Human Behavior This means, all 3 faces have the same identity, they only differ in the degree of trustworthiness. An experimental paradigm has been set berefzkei to test specific hypotheses concerning the role of humor in the context of short-term and long-term relationships and the differences between sexes in this respect.

Evolúciós pszichológia

In the second study, the costly evlcis model is used to examine reputation-building as a result of charity offers to strangers Birkas et al. The ratings were independent from gender of target and of subjects. Cohesion within groups in homosexual populations was also found to be much stronger by Kirkpatrick and Muscarella in andrespectively.

In one of our experiments Bereczkei et al. On the other hand, subjects are able to detect differencies int he level of trustworthiness between faces with same race characteristics. Machiavellianism, in contrast, proved to be strongly dependent on the presence of others and the cost of the offered charity act. In as early asEdward Wilson, father of human sociobiology, suggested that homosexuals make use of their energies possibly saved in excess owing to the lack of reproduction in taking care of their collateral relatives as it has been shown by cultural anthropology, in traditional tribal communities, e.

A representative of a charity organization requested students of a seminar group to support people in need lone, elderly, homeless and mentally retarded people. Empathy showed a relative independence of situational factors; ssubjects with higher scores of empathy were more likely to engage in evolcia activities than those of low empathy, regardless of whether they offered help on public or anonymous conditions and what the perceived degree of cost of altruistic behavior was.


Machiavellizmus, a megtévesztés pszichológiája

Subjects made more costly offers in public groups, while there was a roughly equal chance of making more and less costly offers in anonymous groups. In pszichokgia experiments participants played various games such as reciprocity, trust and public goods games. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Help Center Find new research papers in: We psziholgia to demonstrate that the anthropologic dualisms and psychic strategies, outlined earlier, are basically the same in each era, they are simply in a different cultural background: Evidence for sexually antagonistic genes?

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Evolúciós pszichológia by Tamás Bereczkei

Average faces with direct gaze were rated as most trustworthy. Participants were asked to evaluate the level of trustworthiness each face on a 6 point Likert-scale. Subjects, again, were asked to volunteer and offer a less and a more costly charity service in public and anonymous conditions. Some aspects of humor can be interpreted as a product of natural selection for survival. Thus heterosexual reproduction and homosexual alliance together form a natural and healthy society.

Research and theoretical systems of contemporary evolution science ofand have come to the conclusion that the above view is mistaken and not true1.

Striking differences between the sexes have been found in many of the measured 42 traits associated with physical attractiveness, financial condition, occupational status, domestic virtues, length of relationship, and marital status.

No significant results were found between the three other gaze directions left, right and up. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable berecz,ei. Finally, it turned out that as both males and, surprisingly, females age, they prefer relatively younger mates than themselves.


The faces differented on trustworthiness, eevolcis were derived from the same face identity. Individual selection can favour cooperative strategies directed towards recipients that have helped others in the past. The goal of the other experiment of us was twofold: Our findings about social distance suggest,that people tend to evaluate faces as not trustworthy to the same extent as they reject other races. Homosexuals preserved this social, moreover, sociocultural, artistic function of theirs in eras when they suffered harassment.

The Function of Gayness The human sociobiological, adaptionist model of homosexuality — biology and psychology: A robust finding in the cross-cultural literature is that people are able to recognize faces from their own race easier than faces from other races. This theory states that individuals who engage in altruistic acts serve their own interests by reliably demonstrating qualities underlying the altruistic ta,s.

To avoid exploitation, people have to make rapid decisions about the intentions bfreczkei or cheating of the partner. Back to Previous Menu.

gender studies and biology, our mini study | Lehel Simon –

The link between mating preferences and reproductive output may be mediated by marital success as a proximate mechanism. This responsiveness to the strategic distinction between the presence and absence of others can be also explained in terms of reputation-gaining and competitive altruism. Experimental games sometimes create artificial circumstances that people do not encounter in real situations. The reproductive consequences of mate choice were found adaptive in a large Hungarian sample: In the context of long-term mating, both sexes placed a greater emphasis on cues of family commitment rather than on those of resources and physical condition.

Roland Tisljar and Tamas Bereczkei An evolutionary interpretation of humor and laughter.