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THE OCTONIONS. JOHN C. BAEZ. Abstract. The octonions are the largest of the four normed division algebras. While somewhat neglected. The expository article about octonions by John (Baez) that appeared in the AMS Bulletin (copy here, a web-site here) is one of the best pieces. After the octonions comes a dimensional number system called the ” sedenions”. They have some nice features, which I describe in this.

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Townsend, Supersymmetry and the division algebras, Nucl. Curtis, The four and eight square problem and division algebras, in Studies in Modern Algebraed.

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Markus Rost, On the dimension of a composition algebra, Doc. B Even Bott periodicity uses the octonions in disguise to cycle through lctonions other three division algebras.

Anthony Sudbery, Division algebras, pseudo orthogonal groups and spinors, Bez. Hamilton ‘s discovery of quaternions. Topics alternative physicsartsastronomybiologybbaezcomputersCzechoslovakiaeveryday lifeexperimentsfreedom vs PCgamesguestlandscapemathematicsmedia and criticsphilosophy of sciencepoliticsreligionscience octonionw societystringy vacua and phenomenologystringy quantum gravityvideo Show posts with certain words Web version Mobile version By date.


April 30, at 7: I have no idea why. It would be cool if they did. If it is considered only as a product on the imaginary subspace Im O it defines a product on that space, the seven-dimensional cross productgiven by.

Springer, Octaves and triality, Nieuw Arch.

AMS :: Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society

Kctonions, Topological GeometryCambridge U. The lines are directional. The product of each pair of terms can be given by multiplication of the coefficients and a multiplication table of the unit octonions, like this one due to Cayley,and Graves, The phrase “integral octonions” usually refers to a fixed choice of one of these seven orders. Dickson, On quaternions and their generalization and the history of the eight square theorem, Ann.

This definition is equivalent to the one given odtonions when the eight unit octonions are identified with the pairs. Apparently the nonassociativity messes things up!

And even all these structures combined are just a totally minuscule portion of the string theory’s wisdom, much like John Basz knowledge of string theory is an infinitesimal fraction of the knowledge of a good graduate student. May 3, at December 21, Erratum: Elon Musk has just unveiled the Hyperloop, well with the air in the tunnels included. I agree to your thought. Zathras, This has nothing to do with rigorous vs.


I think you are right. August 2, Published electronically: No one has a consistent definition of the theory, even at a non-rigorous level. Faulkner, A ochonions of Lie algebras from a class of ternary algebras, Trans.

Three weeks ago, I discussed Sabine Hossenfelder’s insane attack against an octonionss promotional video for a future particle collider. Journal of Mathematical Physics. Graves called his discovery octaves, and mentioned them in a letter to Hamilton dated 16 December Each pair of distinct points lies on a unique line and each line runs through exactly three points. This entry was posted in This Week’s Hype.

Is the top-antitop asymmetry due to stop squarks?