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Bachmann E-Z Command Dynamis Point Accessory Decoder OPP 4 Points *BARGAIN* Spectrum by Bachmann Wireless E-Z Command. Bachmann – Dynamis Accessory Decoder from Gaugemaster. Accessory decoder with four outputs to power point motors, signals etc. Each output can be configured to provide a constant or pulse output. Additionally, two of.

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This applies to both versions of the SwitchPilot. I can not get it to work!

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Bachmann – Dynamis Accessory Decoder

Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. Sign In Need an account? Both 1 and 2 are rectified inside the box to provide the power drive The SwitchPilot lets you use either the power from the DCC bus, or you can use an external power supply, the choice is yours. Without cookies we would not be able to tailor your content. Similarly, even at 15V, a 1Amp Controller will have minimal ‘umph’ available to operate insensitive point motors like 36-651 normal Peco Solenoids!


Please log in to reply. The instructions are quite complicated to a beginner! I have the Gaugemaster Prodigy Advance. Posted 12 January – Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

Please can someone in simple terms explain to me how you set this up! I have tried a separate power source with the same result. And also setting the CVs to value of 1, could you explain how you do that please ie is that on the prog track setting or mainline?!

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Now follow the Prodigy’s instructions on programming individual CVs.

WSL Bachmann Accessory Decoder

Edited by GoingUnderground, 13 January – I’ve forgotten my password. If you feed the solenoid a constant 366-561 it is likely to get warm. Should I stop digging?

You should only see this notice again if you have cleared cookies from your browser. Probably better than the track supply – at least it won’t take power form the track – but again its effectiveness depends on how high a voltage you have available It sounds possible that this is what is happening here.


So the prodigy should power the decoder and change the point motor without the need for a separate power source?! The manuals for them can be downloaded from the esu web site http: Setting up Bachmann point motor decoder Started by Mart65Jan 12 I’m not familiar with the Gaugemaster Prodigy, so the only advice that I can give you is to read the instructions that came with the Prodigy about how to program individual CVs using the programming track.

Setting up Bachmann point motor decoder

Several functions may not work. Someone may be able to tell you how off the top of their head but that is what I would check first.

You will need to check the manual as to how to change this setting.