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AvMap warrants their GPS receiver and accessories to be free of defects in .. The knee mount is secured to the back of the EKP-IV with Velcro and snap guides. View and Download AvMap EKP-IV user manual online. EKP-IV GPS pdf manual download. View and Download AvMap EKP-IV PRO user manual online. AvMap EKP-IV PRO: User Manual. EKP-IV PRO GPS pdf manual download.

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Wpt Info option requires 3 vertical fields for display; therefore, In mwnual, clock func- tions and trip data can be found in this menu. Wind information will be recomputed when the heading, air speed, air temperature or Altitude values are edited. Trip Computer continue to maual in the background of the software, even if you are not on the Calculator screen or do not display the timer data in the data fields window.

When the field is highlighted: If a destination point is not present it works as Home mode. The internal waypoint memory capacity is shared with Flight Plan waypoints; Moving Map Icons 1. This is continuously updated to account for changes.

It will also return all selections Input A warning box will appear to con- firm your desire to add the Waypoint, displaying the default Waypoint name. Check all connections to be sure they are correctly made and secure. The Flight Plan name will appear at the top of the page. The GoTo menu box will open enabling you to activate the current cursor position or search the Database for a specific object to fly to.


The Horizontal mode can be used when the unit is placed on the panel or using one of the R-A-M mounting options. The following options assist in getting the most track memory for your type of flying.


DO NOT use non rechargeable alkaline batteries. The map scale for the cell is displayed at the top right. Consult your aircraft manual for a complete list. Goto – Moving Map Mode information is now related to this object.

A slow flashing airplane icon will indicate your current position. Page 2 This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of this product. The Data Manuaal contains the navigation information pertaining to the active flight; This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of this product.

The Calculator uses GPS data and user data for computations.

Appendix A – Terms This section explains the terms that you may find unfamiliar. The map is scrolled and zoomed automatically to keep the best view possible. In addition, clock functions and trip data can be found in this menu.

DO NOT use non rechargeable alkaline batteries. System Setup avmao are arranged in sub-menus. Each of these Waypoints is displayed on the Moving Map by an icon.

The default ep Automatic Information to be ig for aeronautical and terrestrial data. Flight Plans can be entered on the Moving Map see Par. The additional street and lake information provides more detail and increased accuracy of the land cartography on the lower zoom levels of the mwnual. To set the alarm: If the data displayed on the screen is unrecognizable, you may have selected the wrong input parameters for your particular receiver, for example, NMEA- instead of NMEA This will substitude the previous approach including the waypoints on the moving map for the new approach and add the new waypoints to your flight plan and the moving map.


This mode displays the Moving Map One window displays all airspace objects. Flight Plan Moving Map see Par.

AvMap ekp-iv User Manual

Auto Position Mode 3. Once attached, the output of NMEA formatted data can be enabledin the following manner: Three satellites are required for two-dimension positioning which determines position only and four satellites are required for three-dimension positioning to determine position and elevation. All Calculator functions are based on the active Flight Plan. The interval setting can be defined by the pilot. Displaying Sunrise And Sunset Information 8. To remove a radial, select the object icon or the radial line with the cursor, then: Now the EKP-IV allows the pilot to pre- program an approach at the destination end of the avmpa plan and to change the approach as desired.

Page 61 GOTO destination replacing them with the corresponding airport waypoint that was originally selected. Gps Receiver Specifications Azimuth and Elevation of the satellites used to compute a position fix. EKP-IV may not appear to agree with coordinates determined from a printed chart.

A menu is displayed. Page 62 User Manual