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Method. Wash, core and chop a large pear, add to the steamer blender with 25g of fresh blueberries. Steam for 15 minutes, drain off any excess water. When I first heard about Avent combined steamer and blender, I wasn’t entirely sold. My initial thoughts were “What will I do with it after my baby. Baby Food Maker Review – I have used Philips avent combined steamer and blender in most of the baby food recipes posted so far in my blog.

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As I waited for the baby puree to cool down a little, I managed to clean my kitchen counter and get ready to tackle the next big challenge, feeding my toddler. Recipe search Search for: So one week of camp with my toddler was a wonderful experience because I did not rely on instant cereal or store bought jar baby food thanks to Avent combined steamer and blender which provided me with freshly made baby food anytime, anywhere all with a turn of a knob. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Cons of Philips avent combined steamer and blender: We had a smooth puree for the younger babies and a little chunkier for some toddlers.

Philips Avent Combined Steamer and Blender Review | Carrot Puree Recipe for Babies

As for me, I added the plum puree to the rice cereal for the first time as I wanted baby tried only one plum and the amount after puree was too little. Once done just flip it over and blend immediately.

Yes it’s cooking and clicking and so this blog! I am proud to say, almost all of what I have, has been fully utilised with exception of one – food processor but even that is going to be put to good use now that I have to start making my own butter.


When I first heard about Avent combined steamer and blender, I wasn’t entirely sold. Wash plum with 1 part of vinegar mixed with 3 parts of water, rinse thoroughly. With the help of child nutritionist Dr.

So I searched for all baby food makers which makes my job easy. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. For 6 — 8 months: The steps are the same, with just changing of the fruits, veg and combinations. Seems like the material of the Philips steamer and blender is made of plastic. But time became a major factor as i had to take care of my baby all alone after my hubby goes to office.

Simply to give you an idea which fruit items you can cook using this appliance, for your precious little one.

We understand that nutritious food is essential to your baby’s healthy development.

Fresh Fruits Purées with Avent Steamer cum Blender – My Wok Life

Blend fewer and short time. Cooking it in little parcels keeps all the flavours and lovely juices in.

Gives great inspiration for healthy meals for my daughter. It also blends the bleneer food to your desired consistency. It also time saving. I agreed to take the challenge because the timing was impeccable. All I had to do was flip it over once the vegetables were steamed and turn the knob to blender.

The leftover were immediately packed and refrigerated for later use. Now place the jar over the motor unit and turn on the left side button for steaming. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Linda June 18, Reply.

My initial thoughts were “What will I do with it after my baby graduates to adult food? Add another 50ml water to the boiler unit and steam for a further 5 minutes Turn the jug to the blending position and blend times until coarsely pureed Transfer to a bowl add a little unsalted chicken stock eteamer get the correct consistency if necessary and allow to cool before serving. Also avoid including carrots daily if baby is constipated and try alternative days.


Carrot puree – Easy and healthy steamed puree for babies with carrots. Tasty chicken sausages Delicious chicken sausages meal, ideal for your child’s first grown-up meal. Easy to use recipes and guidance!

Remember, steamed water occurs after steaming the avocado. Prepare and set the banana chunks aside for later. Without steaming, just peel the skin and cut into chunks.

Recipee it for 5 minutes to soften, before blend it together with banana chunks. Compatibility Requires iOS 9. Cover the lid again to blend altogether. When I was planning to start solids for my baby at 6 months, i was damn sure that I am going to make my own baby food. I feel like a millionaire when I compare my kitchen with the kitchen I grew up in. This page can be found at: These will store in the fridge for the next day or in the freezer for 1 month.

Yes, a little bit.

Jun 21, Version 2. I am usually very sceptical when it comes to buying stuff which is age specific unless it is absolutely necessary, like a baby car seat but even that, I bought a convertible car seat because it can be used from birth up to 4 years old. Close the lid once done. After 8 months, u afent offer peeled cooked cut carrots as finger food to your baby.