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This site hosts documentation for openSUSE and SLES/SLED related products AutoYaST: AutoYaST Reference Manual; Zypp: libzypp Documentation; libyui. It contains additional information about how AutoYaST should handle this module. E.g. if an entry will be created when the AutoYaST configuration file will be. Bugs. Bugs are reported via and assigned to autoyast- [email protected] Changing official SLES Documentation. The official SLES .

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Max is the upper limit of how long objects without an explicit expiry time will be considered fresh. Set a preselection for the user. Furthermore, using a CMS guarantees the validity of the resulting control file and its direct use for starting automated installation.

FQD uses the fully qualified domain name. The Bind DNS server can be configured by adding a dns-server resource. To enable or disable the use of encrypted passwords in the profile, see the encrypted parameter. An object docuumentation an explicit expiry time will be considered fresh.

The local security settings include the boot configuration, login settings, password settings, user addition settings, autoysst file permissions.

AutoYaST2 for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

Efficient Crooks The efficient markets hypothesis: Change this default behavior by setting this boolean to “true”. You can see ddocumentation type of that element if you look in your control file at the config: The configuration is defined in a tree-like structure where autooyast root represents the global options, with subnets and host nested from there.


A resource element either contains multiple and distinct property and resource elements, or multiple instances of the same resource element, or it is empty. The most common use cases like locale, time zone and network configuration are being offered by Studio already.

Exactly one e-mail address to which the e-mail should be sent. This changes the initrd. The advantage of this method documentatjon that you can keep an up-to-date repository with fixed and updated package.

Once you have your configuration file saved, you can open it in your favourite text editor. No special variables are required to activate it. The output of the rule script will be filled between the two ‘ ‘ characters, to determine the file name of the control file to fetch. The name of the LVM thin pool that is used as a data store for this thin logical volume.

If you want to replace the mkfs files for example, add the updated mkfs files along with the appropriate directory structure under “inst-sys”:. The following sections explain how to create, configure, and assign AutoYaST and kickstart bundles:.

You can include as many package tags under the packages section as you wish. If one of the drives crashes, data recovery will not be possible. It returns empty values but it also can return default values, depending on the module.

  LEY 135-11 PDF

With auto the size of a swap or boot partition is determined automatically, depending on the memory available and the type of the system. The desktop comes loaded with the applications you need to be productive, like: Specify the interpreter that must be used for the script.

If you really need to use other script types for example a post-script you will need to break the lock at your own risk:. Before the system is booted for the first time, AutoYaST writes all data collected during installation and writes the boot loader in the specified location. Note autoyasy the autoyast keyword must point to the same file.


You can use or modify any of the existing tags in your file, just so long as the tags, options, and syntax you use are uatoyast. First key is install which has a list as the value.

Read kdump 5 for details. You rocumentation validate that the filesystem was created correctly with the appropriate root directory structure starting at linux via the following command:. For example, the function can return the following structure: The value provided in the use property determines how existing data and partitions are treated. There are different methods for booting the client.