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Audre Lorde’s courageous account of her breast cancer defies how women are expected to deal with sickness, accepting pain and a. Moving between journal entry, memoir, and exposition, Audre Lorde fuses the personal and political as she reflects on her experience coping with breast cancer. Bringing revolutionary queer women, women of color, and underrepresented voices to the forefront of literature since

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Audre came to a powerful conclusion when she wrot I remember hearing of Audre’s death sixteen years ago.

The Cancer Journals record a new way for women to face ill-health

In other words, I literally communicated through poetry. I tried to explain all of this in my interview, ending with Lorde’s words that she was a “black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet. Although Lorde speaks specifically in terms of a women’s experiences with cancer and fighting against societal perceptions of womenI found that this book can provide supportive and empowering insight for anyone tthe with disease and physical malady.

She married in and divorced inafter having two children. The message is clear: Stonewall Book Award Her first volume of poetry, “The First Cities,” was published in Audre was really that Black warrior feminist dyke.

A nun; the principal of my high school; a boss. Books by Audre Lorde. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. And some of them were women I didn’t even like! Would it be a life-saving experience or a rape of my body image? Needless to say, I didn’t get the job, but still loved the book. I am reminded by cwncer much I appreciate Audre’s voice and her vision and the importance of expressing physical, emotional and psychic pain.


I read this book every year or so, and am constantly amazed at her ability to be honest – starkly so – even in the depths of her physical and lorce pain. I love reading such a powerful book from a feminist perspective. It is not an incidental or reactive position; in Cancer Journals, Lorde explains the feminist rationale behind it. Quotes from The Cancer Journals. Jun 21, Shirleen R rated it it was amazing Shelves: This article about a biographical or autobiographical book whose subject was born in the United States is a stub.

Lorde first came to critical ths with her poetry. Though the main theme centers around breast cancer and mastectomy, please, thf you are a feminist do not shy away from this book.

Cosseted in prosthesis, literal or figurative, she argues, adre are kept from confronting loss, of breasts or of formerly healthy selves. Mar 08, Sunny rated it really liked it Shelves: And it made me wonder a little bit if the immediate recourse to a fake breast isn’t part of the deep, inconsolable wound that she carries to this day. PaperbackSpecial Editionpages.

From inside the book.

auntlutebooks | The Cancer Journals

This book helps you understand why many of us make the choices we do. Currently re-reading this because I needed a little more undauntable audre in my life right now.

Audre was a black lesbian poet from America who was diagnosed with a malignant form of breast cancer in around which was the year I was born. Audre Lorde’s upbringing and background plays a key role in understanding her perspectives and passion about feminist, civil rights, and lesbian issues. I sank to the floor and sobbed, the only time I have ever reacted that way to the death of someone I had never met.

The Cancer Journals by Audre Lorde

In this, a head-on, one-breasted confrontation with societal expectation, Lorde reveals the nobility and worth of strength that is tested. Because I am woman, because I am black, because I am lesbian, because I am myself, a black woman warrior poet doing my work, come to ask you, are you doing yours? Though less image-resilient than ZamiThe Cancer Journals are a Lorde’s Cancer Journals are at once profound, powerful, and wrought with despair. And yeah I wonder, if her doctors and everyone hadn’t automatically assumed she wanted a reconstruction the very second her breast was removed, would she have had time to heal just a little bit?


They are inseparable from each other. Aug 16, Sydney rated it it was amazing. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. In the third chapter, ‘Breast Cancer: I won’t type the entire paragraph out, but the message is powerful. It is particularly noteworthy for the poem “Martha”, in which Lorde poetically confirms her homosexuality: The last line ends with “And all the other endless ways in which we rob ourselves of ourselves I just finished this book for the freshman seminar course as a teaching assistant.

This is a hard text, and the reason why I say this is because it truly is an unswerving example of practicing what you preach, what you say you believe in, and challenging others on their uncritical assumptions and givens.

Lorde did not just identify with just one category, but many, wanting to celebrate all parts of herself equally. Lorde entwines her intelligent critique of the American medical establishment with beautiful prose about strength and self-realization.

View all 5 comments. Lorde touches on feminist journaos when she combats the societal notion of what a woman should look like and what her body looks like post mastectomy.