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1. Konfigurasi elektron unsur yang bernomor t aturan Hund, jika tiga elektron atom 23 adalah. (Ebtanas ). Ketiga aturan dijelaskan secara detail. More lessons will be added soon. ✕ Download. Asas Aufbau, Kaidah Hund, dan Asas Larangan Pauli. 0. 4 plays. . elektron Sub kulit f maksimal 14 elektron Urutan sub kulit diatas bisa ditemukan dalam diagram Mnemonik Moeler: Aturan Hund: dalam subkulit yang sama.

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Media Belajar Online: Konfigurasi Elektron dan Diagram Orbital

Berlin Anggitasari 29 Agustus This rule deals with reducing the repulsion between electrons. Konfigurasi Elektron dan Diagram Orbital. Lia Nurhakiki 5 Oktober This is occasionally called the hun seat rule” since it is analogous to the behaviour of bus passengers who tend to occupy all double seats singly before double occupation occurs.

Steph Enson 6 Desember Unknown 10 September What about the three different 2p orbitals? Hund’s first rule states that the lowest energy atomic state is the one that maximizes the total spin quantum number for the electrons in the open subshell.

8.10: Hund’s Rules Determine the Term Symbols of the Ground Electronic States

The electronic configuration of Si is 1s 2 2s 2 2p 6 3s 2 3p 2 see spectroscopic notation. Latifah Fajrin 3 Desember As an example, consider aruran ground state of silicon.

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Muhammad Haidar humd September Solution Possible states include: According to the first rule, electrons always enter an empty orbital before they pair up.

Due to the Pauli exclusion principletwo electrons cannot share the same set of quantum numbers within the same system; therefore, there is room for only two electrons in each spatial orbital.

So is the spin direction, incidentally. The exchange energy which is favorable increases with the number of possible exchanges between electrons with the same spin yund energy. What matters is the relative momentum vectors of the various electrons in the system, and hence their sum total. Furthermore, quantum-mechanical calculations have shown that the electrons in singly occupied orbitals are less effectively screened or shielded from the nucleus.

Retrieved from ” https: Sedangkan untuk menentukan golongan menggunakan tabel. However we could just as easily draw it “down”. Coba perhatikan contoh diagram elektron di bawah ini, khususnya pada bagian akhirnya:. Sifat ini berhubungan erat dengan hibridisasi elektron. Rank these terms associated with an electronic configuration aturran an atom based on energy via Hund’s rules: Jika yang diketahui diagram orbitalnya,bagaimana cara menentukan perioda dan golongan???

Untuk lebih memahamkan teori ini perhatikan juga contoh di bawah ini:. Ungkapan yang kedua akan bermanfaat dalam menentukan bentuk molekul dan teori hibridisasi. Not to be confused with Hund’s cases. It can be understood from the classical picture that if all electrons are orbiting in the sturan direction higher orbital angular momentum they meet less often than if some hnd them orbit in opposite directions. Berdasarkan diagram di atas dapat disusun urutan konfigurasi elektron sebagai berikut: However Hund’s rules should not be used to order states other than the lowest for a given configuration.


Thus, in the helium atom, Hund’s first rule correctly predicts that the 1s2s triplet state 3 S is lower than the 1s2s singlet 1 S. The orbitals of the subshell are each occupied huhd with electrons of parallel spin before double occupation occurs. What is the term of lowest energy state? Rank these terms associated with an electronic configuration of an atom based on energy via Hund’s rules:. Unknown 16 Atkran So the expectations for Hund’s rules would be switched.

The negative and positive signs refer only to the direction of the angular momentum, not the magnitude.