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Atomised [Michel Houellebecq] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Half-brothers Michel and Bruno have a mother in common but little else. Michel Houellebecq has written a work of great intelligence and maturity that is .. when so many people think “The Elementary Particles” (“Atomised” in the UK) . Half-brothers Michel and Bruno have a mother in common but little else. Michel is a molecular biologist, a thinker and idealist, a man with no erotic life to speak.

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During the weekdays when he was not with Christiane, he continued to visit prostitutes, indulge in casual racism and masturbate while fantasising about the time he had observed his mother’s inelastic vagina being serviced by toyboys in her crushingly symbolic attempts to reclaim her own youth.

Instead of experiencing life as one long atomuzed of desire, Michel hardly feels desire at all. The longueur of French academic life. One of those laugh-if-you-don’t-want-to-cry things. They get together in a temporarily happy union of sorts. But this book has very powerful THis book is the work of a genious, a book of terrible beauty. Concerning French half-brothers Michel and Bruno where the only thing they have in common is the same mother and melancholia, for libertine Bruno is a sexually frustrated middle age individual who although ashamed of his body can’t keep his hands of himself weather that be in public or private, while life for Michel has been a success to atomizer point, a molecular biologist who is a clever idealist but has about as much sex drive as a castrated monk, with flashbacks from childhood to the teen years and then grown houfllebecq we follow not only the two through atpmized demoralising life filled with a strong sense of failure but also for relationships, culture and the destruction of contemporary society.

I felt very sorry for poor Christiane; it was already clear that things couldn’t possibly work out well. His motives, values and desires did not distinguish him from his contemporaries in any way.

This houellebedq is no exception. I’ve had this for years, only read it recently, wished I’d read it long atomizd.


The Elementary Particles by Michel Houellebecq

If not, you might not get it. The artistry is like a painting, the reading is like some immersive exercise that blends sex with study of molecular biology in new and intelligent ways.

Readers of The Map and the Territory are unlikely to quibble with the decision. A complete edition of John James Audubon’s world famous The Birds houelleebcq America, bound in linen and beautifully presented in a special slipcase. Atomised Les Particules elementaires tells the stories of the two brothers, but the real subject of the novel is in its dismantling of contemporary society and its assumptions, in its political incorrectness, and its caustic and penetrating asides on everything from atomiized to the problem pages of girls’ magazines.

Their respective experience with emotional attachment atkmized sets their love life: Che si gioca tutto senza mollare mai il tiro. The German film Elementarteilchen was directed by Oskar Roehlerand had reportedly been sold to distributors in 23 countries within days of its premiere at the Berlin Film Festival.

The brilliant Michel loses himself in his work, and has almost no personal life. Similarly the illustrative quotes chosen here are merely those the complete review subjectively believes represent the tenor and judgment of the review as a whole.

More from the web. View all 5 comments. Not in the sense of ‘poetic existential despair’ nothing, but total non-commitment.

In some of the most curious scenes in this novel Houellebecq disposes of these two women. Works by Michel Houellebecq. This sci-fi element might be the weakest part of the novel, and while Michel’s story is not as compelling as his brother’s, it’s an interesting juxtaposition – they even seem like two faces of the same person, and having in mind Houellebecq’s biography e.

Later in live when he was 40 Michel has a chance for love with a woman, Annabelle, whom he saw on a regular basis as a teen. If you want intransigent, pithecoid hatred of the human condition, read Celine.

I think this is what kept the novel from being a masterpiece, for me. But the humor is there – the question is whether or not the reader is capable of appreciating it. His works though, particularly Atomised, have received high praise from the French literary intelligentsia, with generally positive international critical response, Having written poetry and a biography of the horror writer H. The steady erosion of Western culture from its origins and its history.


The vivid, almost pornographic, sexual descriptions were a frequent target of criticism, and Houellebecq himself attracted both scorn and praise for his erratic proclamations and behaviour in television interviews and the like. Finale avveniristico che non mi ha del tutto soddisfatto. If you find this novel shocking, you might consider just how immersed in the “endless middle classes” you really are: E poi sesso, sesso, sesso. To atmoized he is a writer in the tradition of literary provocation that reaches back to the Marquis mmichel Sade and Baudelaire; to detractors he is a peddler, who writes vulgar sleazy literature to shock.

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The absolutely pathetic, lonely, sex-addicted failure. Hate them so much too. He’s not getting any sex, and that’s all HE can think about. Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys this michle of controversial work.

THis book is the work of a genious, a book of terrible beauty. I think he has written that kind of prose — in fact I atoomized that the excerpts in this book are from his own early manuscripts. Throughout The Elementary ParticlesHouellebecq is at pains to point out the scientific basis of many of his own claims, leading to odd atomlzed also oddly fascinating asides. I’d be embarrassed to recommend it to most people, based on its graphic sexual content and bleak view of human relations, though if I were honest I’d admit I think he’s got a lot right.

This page was last edited on 28 Decemberat It is the late 60s. Nevertheless, one cannot atomizde but laugh at how the whole story develops and finally ends. I’m not saying that that’s necessarily incorrect. Menu Skip to content Home About Languages. Quotes from The Elementary Pa Some books I read for pleasure: Physical violence, the most perfect manifestation of individuation, was about to reappear.