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Atomik Grimoire (Classic Reprint) [Mark Chase] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Over spells, potions, scrolls, & magic items for use. Game: Atomik Grimoire Publisher: Atomik Vortex Studio Series: generic Reviewer : Wyrdmaster Review Dated: 25th, March Reviewer’s. Results 1 – 8 of 8 Atomik Grimoire (Classic Reprint) by Chase, Mark and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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Sorry that something went wrong, repeat again! Subscribe Replies to my comments All comments. The spells themselves begin yrimoire page 8 of the paged download. Restore Text will bring back all text, images or equivalent information, on up to 25 pages that was non-magically erased.

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Don’t miss these posts. Atomik Grimoire is the perfect response atomii that, this product not only shows you that it is possible to create a vast number of spells with the Add-On system, not only gives you ready-to-go spells for use but it eases you into the task of making up your own.


Atomik Grimoire (Classic Reprint) : Mark Chase :

Difficulty and Speed values represent how hard it is to cast a spell and how quickly as spell can be cast. The PDF introduces nine spheres of magic that are derived from magic principles and theories.

Information Manipulation Level 6 Restore. The master list of spells is seven pages long and agomik uses compact grey and white shaded tables to list all the spells contained in the PDF. Range is Touch only. Recent Posts A look inside: Atomik Magic is an intelligent grimolre.

Please use the Login form or enter another. That example was plucked purely at random but with a note towards its brevity and the convenience that offers to this lazy reviewer.

TradeCraft Bonus: Download instant spell books and scroll props

The Magic Point MP value is a measure of how much energy it takes to cast a spell. Spheres include the likes of Elemental spells, Life spells, Death spells, Wisdom spells, etc. These alchemical items, in turn, give way to four and a half pages of magic and enchanted items. These generic add-ons are designed complement any game. The lists of spells end at page 75 and give way to 6 pages of scrolls, elixirs and potions. You entered an grimojre username or password.


If the text was grimoige erased, will only bring the text back if it was erased at Level 5 or less. It discusses historic and contemporary views on magic.

I do think it represents value for money. Spheres divide down into circles. A sample spell looks a bit like this: Geek Native “They’ve been naughty boys, haven’t they, Mr.

E-mail is already registered on the site. Wyrd Reviews Idylls of the Rat King. Atomik Vortex Grimoir Series: Wyrd Reviews Atomik Magick. Score one for the generic add-on idea. To restore more than 25 pages, Reusability effect may be added.

Atomik Grimoire is a supplemental add-on for Atomik Magick. Duration, Range and even Magic Level follow suit in similar ways.