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Specifies general requirements for cranes as defined in AS Includes the design of cranes by the traditional working stress method and. AS Cranes, hoists and winches – Part 1: General requirements. View on Information Provider website {{ linkText }}. Abbreviation. AS . Visit our website and learn more about AS standards.

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This Standard deviates from ISO The operation of the main contactor, directional contactors, and all other contactors, relays, and devices, which are required for the safe operation of the equipment, e. Irreversibility shall be avoided where the moment of inertia of the moved parts is greater than the moment of inertia of the moving parts. The type of enclosure for each pendent control station shall be appropriate for the conditions to which the control station is subjected and shall be rated not less than IP55 as defined in AS The designed operation of the hydraulic system or hydraulic components shall not adversely affect, or impose excessive stress on any part of the structure or other components of the crane.

Between editions, amendments may be issued. The gear case supporting structure shall firmly secure the case in position and prevent it from coming loose during operation. In this respect the points that shall be considered include the following: In some applications it may be necessary to also consider occasional loads such as in-service wind, skewing and exceptional loads such as test loads and excitation of the lifting appliance foundation for example, wave effects.

Any assistance that consistently accrues from the pneumatic system may be considered to be only part of the total braking effort. A visible and audible indication shall also be provided in the cabin to warn the crane operator that the standby battery supply has come into operation. Insulators shall comply with AS The load capacity of each component shall be such as to ensure compliance with Clause 7. The systems listed in Table For wheels other than ferrous-metal wheels, the value used for F pW shall be as recommended by the manufacturer.

The load combinations appropriate to individual types of appliances shall be in accordance with Table xs. For any device not located within a panel, e.


Helmut Ernst, published in Mitt. The clamp bolts shall be secured by a locking nut to prevent loosening during service. For classification of other motions where insufficient data exists the following guidance may be used: During erection or dismantling operations unless the operation is completed during a period when the wind does not exceed V 1 conditions, the parts being erected or dismantled should be secured so that they are capable of withstanding a wind of V2 conditions.


The following applies to the brake: Proof of adequacy shall also include ad against overturning. Irrespective of the design technique or survival probability, the component strength has to be greater than that prescribed by its static capacity. Any requirements that apply to only one type of crane should only appear in the specific part for that crane and not in Part 1.

Please fill this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible. An allowance shall be made for any increased hook load due to the most unfavourable angle of pull. Oblique travel causes, in the instant of contact between the rail and the front guiding element wheel flange or guide rollera contact force P OT that tends to straighten the crane on its runways.

The authority of the Committee is limited to matters of interpretations and 11418.1 will not adjudicate in disputes. It also serves as a framework of reference between the purchasers and the manufacturers, by the use ae which a particular crane may be matched to 1418.11 service for which it is required. Where the controlling element can be moved off from its operating position, it shall be capable of being reached in a retracted position from ground or floor level.

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Rail clamps are best suited for duty on runways with a duty classification of greater than or equal to C5. It is recommended that fully welded continuous rail is used in these applications. Standards may also be withdrawn. The contact force P OT due to oblique travel of cranes with flanged track wheels shall be distributed in accordance with Figure E2.

The reservoir shall maintain the fluid level within a safe margin of the working height during operation. The notice shall read: Standards Australia Standards Australia is an independent company, limited by guarantee, which prepares and publishes most of the voluntary technical and commercial standards used in Australia. The elastic displacements shall be checked to prove that the appliance shall not become unfit to perform its intended duties, affect stability, or interfere with the proper functioning of mechanisms.

This Standard incorporates Amendment No. Hydraulic tubing should not be used to support hydraulic components or other equipment.

The control cabin should be kept at positive air pressure of not less than 50 Pa above the outside air pressure. The following methods are examples of acceptable designs: The total stress both applied and residual stress at the point of consideration is required for this form of analysis.


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The drum should be of adequate size to accommodate all the rope in a single layer with not less than one groove unoccupied for each part of rope leaving the ax. General principles Ss piping Steel structures Accessed by BP AUSTRALIA LIMITED on 06 Jun Where the crane is connected to the ad by flexible cable, the crane shall be connected to earth by means 14188.1 an earthing az enclosed with the current-carrying conductors within the same sheathing as the live conductors of the flexible cable, except where the conductors are single-core cables larger than 16 mm 2.

Motors fitted with separately excited brakes shall ensure that if any one phase of the motor supply is interrupted, the brake shall be automatically applied. A load cycle accounts for all motions of the crane when operated between an unloaded state through to loaded state and returns to its unloaded state. Where a contactor or circuit-breaker is used in lieu of manual main isolator, the following shall apply: The grade, surface finish, heat treatment, hardness and similar properties of 4118.1 material shall be such as to limit wear of the friction surface.

The share of the load that can foreseeably be imposed on each magnet shall not exceed its rated capacity taking account of the rigidity of both the load and the lifting beam. In certain systems of this type, it is not possible to determine which is the primary and which is the secondary system, and the designer and manufacturer should provide full explanatory information to the user so that those responsible have a good understanding of the operation and service requirements of the total system.

Where cranes of different classes operate on the same section of crane track, P T shall be calculated directly from the equation specified in this Clause, NXW being the sum of the number of stress cycles due to the wheels of each crane.

Selection of such ropes shall be made in accordance with Clause 7. All controls should be protected, where practicable, from any ass of accidental operation. Application to specific situations