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Read Sweetwater customer reviews for Arturia MiniBrute Analog Synthesizer. Rated / 5 by 23 customers!. Announced in January , the MiniBrute created quite a buzz at Winter NAMM and in the electronic music world. Not only was it the first new. Enter Arturia’s MiniBrute, a true hardware analogue mono synth MiniBrute has only one oscillator, but if that immediately makes you think it.

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The absence of revuew and preset is in my opinion a quality that requires the user to be creative all the time. At extreme settings the result is harsh and clangourous, but subtler variations are easily dialled-in as well.


Its tone can be tamed for softer textures, but it seems to gravitate toward the raunchy, with its “Brute Factor” control adding rich distortion. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. The final word on this then is that we’re seriously considering buying one – though we might have to wait for the ‘PolyBrute’ should Arturia decide to make one! From the classical guitar, I adapt sounds MiniBrute sounding guitar to create a happy marriage.

Not only was it the first new mass-market analog VCO synth in quite a while, it was also from a company known for its soft synths. Even if one can roughly imitate the sound of a clarinet, it will look more like a clarinet sound out of a Game Boy instead minibrtue the Berlin Philharmonic. Control cutoff minirute aftertouch is probably improved.

Perfect complement other analog or softwares incomparable! The MiniBrute is also sold with sheets to record their favorite sounds but I think once mastered, everything is done teview 30 seconds by my watch That could push some of the beginners awaybut if you are a seasoned producer and understand working with analog synths this is a must have for your collection.


A particularly interesting feature here is the ability to clock the LFO rate to the built-in arpeggiator tempo. The MiniBrute is great for FX, leads, evolving rhythmic patterns. The possibilities are varied sounds.

All user reviews for the Arturia MiniBrute

Revieww short, the MiniBrute can make music as noise. Just a straightforward, hands-on, “knobby” analog mono synth. Its depth, alongside filter cutoff, can be controlled by the position of the modulation wheel or keyboard Aftertouch.

The rear panel is miinibrute supplied: Cons Might be too old-school for some. The MiniBrute is made for the rreview musician. Steiner Parker filter characteristic, the gross factor, the mixer waveform, the enrichment of waves, the sub oscillator, envelopes, many possible modulations, grain, general architecture, fact that there is no preset or memory and finally the price.

Although the MiniBrute can generate multiple waveforms simultaneously, they cannot be detuned independently, making this a single oscillator design. The absence of memory and is preset to me a quality that requires the user to be creative at all times. It has its own personality and even a soul. The Vibrato LFO does have 3 modes, sine, trill down and trill up.

I would say minibdute bass is not as punchy as a moog. Anyway, it depends what you trying to do too; In short, the MiniBrute can make music as noise. D Finally, I would say that this synth is a bomb that perfectly complements my little home studio as my first analog. After a few lines, a touch peeling of the entire keyboard but still playable.

I tried the ms 20 mini but I preferred the Minibrute. Built in an aluminum body with rubber end caps, the MiniBrute is rugged, with only the knobs feeling a bit on the wobbly side. With a multimode arpeggiator, aftertouch, velocity-sensitivity, multimode Steiner-Parker filter and many more features, the MiniBrute has few vintage competitors in terms of functionality.

All right, 3 knob, the dreaded brutalizer, the knob for the headphone volume and the overall minibrrute. But as the beast has an audio input, you can always route a software synthesizer or hardware minibrut plays chords and let him enjoy the MiniBrute filter! I am very happy with this purchase. This is my first MiniBrute analog synthesizer.


Arturia MiniBrute review | MusicRadar

Our members also liked: Personally, I used the software once, to see what it was, I did nothing to change the configuration. Effects – Ultrasaw, Metalizer, Brute Factor. Having no other analog synthesizer, I have no material to compare. I never use cards included in the box to record the sound setting. Given the nature of revoew machine, do not expect to get sounds imitating some realistic orchestral instruments.

It should not place undue reliance on demonstration videos that abound on the Internet; they do not reflect a comprehensive view minivrute the instrument. Good value for money!

User reviews: Arturia MiniBrute – Audiofanzine

Date Produced – Arturia needs no introduction in music-tech circles: The final, but important, playback element is the arpeggiator. Arpeggiator – 4 modes, 4 octave range control, 6 step divisions, 6 Swing modes, Hold. It is quite amusing and instructive to try to imitate known sounds: Of course, a synth isn’t just made from oscillators. The triangle wave-shaping takes the form of a ‘Metalizer’ that apparently ‘folds’ the wave back on itself to create additional harmonics.

Even if it seems weak it is rather comfortable. There is nothing better than to add some effects to highlight. Before diving-in, it’s perhaps worth reminding ourselves of some synth-design parlance. Inevitably, it is always the last in which to receive more attention But in terms of synthesis is totally different, more versatile.