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Architect ci from Abbott Diagnostics is an integrated system consolidating clinical chemistry assay and immunoassays on one platform; Throughput of up to . Name of instrument/First year sold/Where designed, ARCHITECT ci (), ci (), ci ()/U.S.. Country where manufactured/Where. One platform. Multiple benefits. The ARCHITECT ci combines the ARCHITECT c and the ARCHITECT iSR to provide clinical chemistry and.

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Call for Price. Architect Ci Price: Inquire Here Reagent Capacity: Architect ci from Abbott Diagnostics is an integrated system consolidating clinical chemistry assay and immunoassays on one platform Throughput of up to 1, clinical chemistry and immunoassay tests per hour enhances workflow One operator interface for both chemistry and immunoassay testing reduces staff training and delivers one combined report One LIS interface reduces connectivity costs Fi8200 onboard reagent capacity of 25 immunoassays and 68 chemistries reduces operator intervention and minimizes sample splitting.


For current regulatory archihect on products within this website, please contact your sales representative.

Inquire Here Sample Size Min: Inquire Here Optical Source: Inquire Here On-Board Refrigeration: Instrument is for Indoor Use Only. Avoid direct sunlight, drafts from heating and cooling vents, and excessive dust.

Inquire Here Power Supply: Products are available for international distribution only unless otherwise indicated.

Inquire Here Sample Size Max: Inquire Here Standby Mode: Acoustical Noise Acoustical noise output from cii8200 system: Our innovative integration solution for clinical chemistry and immunoassay testing helps you: Inquire Here Point Of Care: Additional computer workstation for display of the operations manual. Inquire Here for a complete list!

Abbott Architect Ci Chemistry Analyzer. Inquire Here Patient Sample Capacity: Inquire Here Maintenance Free Electrodes: Inquire Here Water Consumption: Inquire Here Auto Sample Handling: Inquire Here Reagent Delivery: Inquire Here Sample Arhcitect Time: Assays Total assays tested: Acoustical noise output from the system: Serving The Medical Community Ci82000 Inquire Here Reagent Type: Inquire Here Test Method: Inquire Here Sample Input Type: Inquire Here Optical System: Inquire Here Auto Dilution: Specifications Private Labeled by: Inquire Here Water Requirement: Inquire Here Reagent System: