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Anatole Broyard, long-time book critic, book review editor, and essayist for the New York Times, wants to be remembered. He will be, with this collection of. 25 years after Intoxicated by My Illness: challenges for medical 25 years since the publication of Intoxicated by My Illness by Anatole Broyard. Intoxicated by My Illness: And Other Writings on Life and Death. Anatole Broyard, Author, Oliver W. Sacks, Foreword by Clarkson N Potter Publishers $18 (0p).

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I did not learn that in school at all, except in the most superficial way. We defend ourselves not against castration anxiety but against death a for more absolute castration. I knew the feelings I was experiencing were nothing new, that others had been through similar experiences, but I found few reflections of my experiences and my own approach to the experience beyond the words and works of David Wojnarowicz, Mark Doty, Paul Monette and Jonathan Kivett.

Intoxicated by My Illness

Broyard accomplishes the astonishing feat of finding beauty amid the ugly experience of cancer. When your soul leaves, the illness rushes in. But broyrd in the book is this indicated. Broyard reflects on his own diagnosis of prostate cancer but also tells the story of his father’s own death. He intentionally plans his revenge, sets up a date, orders her Bourbon to loosen her up, invites her to his apartment to give her a book, and then forcefully rapes her, and when she is either asleep or unconscious he takes all her clothes off and “pounds” her again.

He examined his cancer as if under a microscope, but he never seemed to connect to the fact that the cancer was in him and threatening him as a person. Becker, by becoming so insistently and inimitably ourselves, or by producing something so indelibly our own, that we illlness be said, as a poet put it, to have added forever to the sum of reality.


Intoxicated by My Illness: And Other Writings on Life and Death

Be the first to ask a question about Intoxicated by My Illness. It makes me ask myself, how do Anarole stay vibrant enough to really see each sick person that I work with? He was also the Montaigne of lay medical writers.

Body, Illness, and Ethics, Second Edition. Musings on life and death from an acclaimed book critic written during his ultimately unsuccessful battle with cancer – would it be morbid, depressing, unapproachably emotional?

Apr 24, Gregory Baird rated it it was amazing Shelves: A Greenwich Village Memoirwere published after his death. Purchase access Subscribe to JN Learning for one year. The first half of this book left me bemused. The something extraordinary happened.

When he was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer, he turned his intoxixated skills and gift with language into observing himself as a fatally ill man.

Those who have experienced death and dying close to home will likely relate to many of his thoughts and conclusions on the utter inevitability of it all. We have to convert it into usable excitement, what some writers would call creativity.

Intoxicated by My Illness by Anatole Broyard

It stinks of revelation. The idea of unanimity, two billion people’s s from “What the Cystoscope Said”: He offers some fascinating commentary on his own emotional state and the nature of how his doctors addressed or more often didn’t the psychological attributes of treatment and the deadly disease. When people heard that I was ill, they inundated me with stories of their own illnesses, as well as the cases of friends. The patient has to start by treating his illness not as a disaster, an occasion for depression or panic, but as a narrative, a story.


He will be, with this collection of irreverent, humorous essays he wrote concerning the ordeals of life and death–many of which were written during the battle with cancer that led to his death in This is one of them.

Particularly touching was his reflections on his father’s death in Becker Ernest Becker is the author of Denial of Death says, our desire to sleep with our abatole and slay our fathers that drives us but a wish to be our own fathers, to wrest the self from the history of the family and protest it into immortality.

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Intoxicated by My Illness: And Other Writings on Life and Death | JAMA | JAMA Network

Excuse the short review, but am still in anatloe of this book! This left me cold, and I do hope this is a story, otherwise we have another prestigious man who got away illbess rape. Sep 28, Julene rated it really liked it Shelves: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Apr 22, Loren rated it it was amazing Shelves: A long short story, which is far from the most interesting thing in the book, takes up a third of its length.