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This book helps to fill what has long been a glaring gap in the scholarship on Early Buddhism, offering us a detailed textual study of the Satipaṭṭhāna Sutta, the. Bhikkhu Anālayo (): Satipaṭṭhāna – The Direct Path to Realization. Windhorse Publications. A free PDF version of the book. Satipatthana: The Direct Path to Realization is a gem. Ven. Analayo has done a superb job of elucidating this core teaching of the Buddha. His clarity of style.

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But it is abundantly clear that in both books the author knows what he is talking about. By carefully paying attention to each of the Buddha’s original words, their arrangement and their associations, the pithy instructions suddenly become revealed in all their startling power. You are commenting using your Facebook account. As the fruit of the author’s Ph. The fourth foundation contains things like the five hinderances, the seven factors of enlightenment and the five aggregates.

To study is to know the texts, To practice satipqtthana to know your defilements, To attain the goal is to know and let go. Want to Read saving…. With the aid of the body contemplations one can come to realize the true [impermanent] nature of the body and thereby overcome one’s attachment to it.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Great book to have on the shelf. I’d like to have it on my kindle before I go away. I felt understood and guided in a very easy going and loving way. Being free from attachment to the body, one will be freed from any fear of physical death. Users browsing this forum: At the moment I’m living the homeless life out of a backpack and I definitely do not need more weigh t!


Everything derives from the Buddha’s discourse on the Four Foundations, and mindfulness is far more comprehensive than appearances indicate. With a smile, and ptah understanding of what I was going through, Ron cheered me through some of my darkest moments on the path. So please excuse me for geeking out for a moment. This needs to be reread regularly by any Buddhist practitioners.

Now I can appreciate the 3rd and the 4th analayl, contemplation of mind and dhammas.

Dhamma Wheel

This book reveals the inner meanings encoded in the words of the sutta and their association, and in the sutta’s structure and patterns of repetition and progression, elements which are usually overlooked or left out by other translators and commentators, but which have an inner meaning that is significant for practice. Luckily, I have read the book and upon viewing this clinging clearly my freedom may still be in hand. The jem of this book is Analayo’s excellent diect of Buddha’s teaching, the Sattipatthana Sutra or Direct Path to realization.

Practiced in this way, bare awareness of a hindrance becomes a middle path between suppression and indulgence. One of the central tasks of sati is the de-automatization of habitual reactions and perceptual evaluations. The bibliography alone runs 21 pages. Working with a Studied this book as part of a year-long course in meditation practice at Springboard Sangha in Mt.


There are many stories recorded of the Buddha giving pithily-worded instructions to people, like in the story of Bahiya which is recounted in this book, and the person gains immediate realization. The rest of the book contains in-depth explanation of the teaching for those who need more detail, academic analysis and comparisons to other Buddhist texts which I will personally probably never get down to reading.

Can anyone recall what it was?

Book Review: Satipatthana, The Direct Path to Realization by Analayo | Aloha Dharma

Ron is wise and compassionate. Or how natural scientists of all kinds study the behaviour of complex natural systems in their native environment.

The very first step is to simply immerse yourself in the system and watch. I highly recommend it to all serious buddhist meditators.

MN10 “Satipaṭṭhāna—The Direct Path to Realization” by Bhikkhu Anālayo – Essays – Discuss & Discover

Paperbackpages. An incredibly detailed and thoughtful study of the Satipatthqna Foundations of Mindfulness. The first are those who are true hardcore Buddhist geeks if you listen to the podcast of the same name you are likely in this category.

Studied this book as part of a year-long course in meditation practice at Springboard Sangha in Mt. Consider how Jane Goodall studies chimpanzees. Talking to Ron felt like coming home.