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MANUAL 5. monitor WARNING The original AMBERSTAR game discs we supply are guaranteed to be free of virus infections. Only in this way can . Amberstar – Double Barrel Screenshot · Information · 6 reviews · 4 manuals · Cheatcode · 6 weblinks Download one zip file with the 4 game manuals. Amberstar – Double Barrel Screenshot · Information · 6 reviews · 4 manuals · Cheatcode · 6 weblinks · 8 screenshots · 4 boxscans · 3 diskscans.

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You cannot progress north now without entering false walls to the east and west. This is the preferred one.

Enter the garden to say “Mera” to the Puzzlemouth. Also say “Library” to be referred to his wife Melina. Defeating the Demon here gives you a cage key with which to release Dreblin from ambrestar prison. Map Level One on a 23 x 23 Grid. There is another door south round the corner but there’s nothing and no-one in the rooms beyond. Direction notes then appear in the Grey Window on the right of your screen. Down a passage with three doors off.

Located in the southwest, tucked between two mountain ranges. As I didn’t have that we’ll carry on! This puzzle took me ages, the answer is “Sprite”.

Computer Game Museum Display Case – Amberstar

The Map picture on the wall in Shandra’s house serves no purpose so ditch it if you’ve picked it up. Return then to the Teleport. In the alcove ahead find 45 Gold and an Iron Ring. Recovering it from the Sewers means that he gives you a Crystal Ball in exchange. The rocks south of the first Puzzlemouth open up allowing access to Stairs in the southeastern area. The other three are to the west of the map. There’s far too much to carry so be reassured that you can enter Pharaoh’s Tomb mznual and ultimately carry off amberstxr seven Chests worth of goodies.


Amberstar : Hall Of Light – The database of Amiga games

For this reason SAVE between scrolls as well. A super assistance to manual mapping. There are then six Shrine areas which all appear on the same Auto-Map so it’s either six times 21 x 10 OR one 43 manhal You’ll fight another lot of Rats and two sets of Spiders en route.

Retrieved from ” https: In the central west find a door north with alcoves each side. Leave the Crypt and head for the Cemetery exit in the southwest.

An Iron ring that gives Shield assistance. A door in the northwest has a trap that could blind your leader so if the screen goes black the game’s not crashed, it’s just that you can’t see. Each alcove in the passage ahead contains a Chest in which there are Treasures beyond the dreams of avarice thanks to a certain C.

To the north and south fight Skeletons and Mummies. Two Ambetstar levels on 9 x 9 Grids. There are Purpurslimes yes, that is the right word! mannual

Frankly you’ll get absolutely nowhere without them. Click on the icon to see where you’ve been.


Amberstar walkthrough

Enter the false wall to be sent into an alcove. Head north again and take the next passage west. Keep south and west to use your Pickaxe on rocks prior to fighting Caverats to the north. Initially heading south amberstzr north to find another Flask and then south to use a crowbar on a door south.

Head east to find the Market area. There are three sets of Skeletons beyond the false wall. Take Drobonir and together head northeast to Crystal. Entering each relevant Guild gives your character information as to how many points are required to reach the next level. The Teleport takes you back to the corridor in which you fell when first entering this level. Two Swords that’ll help attack skills.

The Guild entrance is to the left and stairs down on the right through level one and down again to the Puzzlemouth on the entrance level.

Prior to climbing down the ladder search to find 3 torches under some rubbish by the barrels. Use the auto-map feature to see which in direction you are headed. We don’t want that old fool Orlando to notice that we manuap selling him his own Wine! Fight the last set of Skeletons and hightail it to the nearest Shop in your new found transport