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: Akai BP Remote Control (PTHD, PTHD, HCM, HCMW) tested with batteries: Home Audio & Theater. Archived from groups: (More info?) Hello all, A friend of mine is looking. I HAVE A AKAI PTHD TV AND WHEN I PUT ON THE AUTO FOCUS THE TV KEEPS TRYING TO FOCUS ENDLESSLY BUT DOES’NT.

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Akai model PTHD projection/digital 42″ and above tv genuine parts

Sound is superb and picture is beatiful with HD digital channels. I felt more comfortable going with the Samsung name. Does anyone have suggestions for how to optimally adjust the picture contrast, color, brightness?

A very clear image. If it break two years from now they will give you a full return and you can upgrade. So if your eyes don’t really notice the anti-glare protective screen And the quality of the picture was not as good as I had hoped.

Aug 6, 2. Posted on Akao, June 22, – Posted on Friday, October 29, – The automatic “perfect” focus works like a charm. I’ve had it for a little over a month now, and now that I’ve pretty much gotten used to it and how it works, I love it!

Posted on Thursday, September 02, – This, I believe, is meant for High Definition cable and sattelite boxes, but will work for DVD players in progressive scan mode.


Model #PT4298HD Akai projection/digital 42″ and above tv

Posted on Tuesday, August 05, – Aug 6, 1. My friend bought an RCA one that’s slightly bigger, and it has a lot more features like side-by-side PIP, more aspect ratios, etc. UNLESS you have a pt4298hr or dvd player where you can zoom the image, but even then there is a loss of resolution or even image loss when you do this.

Also, you can check the time while watching the TV. But, I was at Costco the other day and it seemed to me that the changed their return policy. Posted on Wednesday, September 22, – I think it mentions it in the manual. Posted on Sunday, August 03, – Anonymous Posted on Sunday, August 10, – If its a Plasma set you will have to call for service there is zip you can do yourself. For people without DirecTV or digital cable, I suspect the only solution to get improved video quality for local stations is to buy a VCR with component video outputs, and these tend to be a pt4298he expensive.

I just cut the sides and then I was able to remove each of the pieces easily, I made sure to be very careful not to dirty or smudge the ribbed or plastic screen parts Even had a microfiber cloth for sunglasses to give it a light wipe thru. One question — does anyone know the IR code for the remote so I can program the number into my universal remote??


Posted on Saturday, August 09, – It takes a few seconds to adjust, but it works. Posted on Wednesday, July 21, – Automatic Reorder Details Receive free shipping on all automatic reorders with subscription Note: Do I need p4t298hd different cable for audio?

Akai PT4298HD Owner’s Instructions Manual

lt4298hd Only movies in 1. Especially when you have a nice clear sharp picture without any weird texture grain showing up from the anti-glare protective screen. Posted on Monday, August 18, – I have the DVD Player set to widescreen and have tried a different player as well also tried both composite connections on back of TV.

DVD picture was just OK. Menu system is easy to navigate, and the picture is clear and easy to adjust depending on what you’re watching. Anonymous Posted on Tuesday, July 29, – Kinda defeats the purpose of having a