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AIA Document B™– is a standard form of agreement between owner Free B sample preview · Guide, instructions, and commentary to the. AIA Document B™ – (formerly B™ – ). . and Samples for the purposes of checking that the construction affected by and. following, all of which are included in AIA Document B™–, Owner/ Architect .. Download A–(sample). AIA Download A– ( sample).

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Documents in the same family are coordinated to tie together the various legal and working relationships on the same project types or delivery methods. They are linked by common terminology and procedures and may also adopt one another by reference. Joint Venture Agreement for Professional Services. Documents in each family provide a consistent structure and text base to support the major relationships on a design and construction project.

B contains a compressed form of basic services with three phases: The AIA updated 40 core documents in Amendment to the Consultant Services Agreement sold by sampls pack.

Docucation Docucation, the AIA Contract Documents Education and Training Portal, provides an easy, convenient and affordable way to obtain quality education and resources.

Practitioners who use the AIA Contract Documents for residential design or construction should consult local authorities or an attorney to verify contract requirements imposed by local law. With that caveat, however, AIA documents provide a solid sa,ple of contract provisions that are enforceable under the existing law at the time of publication.

The key for analysis is the complexity of the project. But the majority of small project practitioners are likely to be with small architecture eample design firms, architects working as sole practitioners, and custom residential architects.


AIA Documents & Forms

AIA Contract Documents are divided into the nine families listed below. Looking for an Architect. These options are more thoroughly described throughout this section. Relevant courses for small project practitioners include: Amendment to the Professional Services Agreement sold by the pack.

The web site contains blogs, design ideas, practice tools, contract and insurance information, and information on building performance, practice management and sustainability resources. The document synopses provided in this guide will give aiaa an idea of sampls type of project for which each agreement is appropriate.

Two other types of services are delineated in the document: G – Construction Change Directive. New members are appointed to maintain a balance of viewpoints based on diversity of geography, firm size, practice type, and area of expertise. Architects, including small project practitioners, need written contracts so that everyone understands and agrees to the key elements of consideration and performance i. Similarly, B and B are streamlined versions of B for use in smaller projects.

These forums provided our membership the opportunity to review and comment on the proposed language. Adopts A by reference for Architect’s B1055 Phase duties. Inthe AIA published its first standardized general conditions for construction. The forms are basically digital versions of the documents in paper.

However, as projects become larger and more complicated, there is the potential for additional types of risk and for greater expense; and agreements must be sufficiently detailed to adequately address those issues. The AIA’s prominence in the field is based on years of experience creating and updating its documents. AIA B1055 Info telephone assistance. This sampl AIA Contract Documents users to become familiar with the standard text, and the normal allocation of risk and responsibility set forth in the documents; and to readily identify and comprehend the impact of modifications made on a project by project basis.


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Understanding AIA document families will help you select the most appropriate standard forms for your project. For quick access to this guide, go to www. Project Team Directory sold by the pack. Except for data fields, the content of AIA documents cannot be edited similar to paper forms. The AIA’s drafting process is a thorough and deliberate approach that strives to achieve a fair balance among interests affected by samplr contract documents.

The AIA will continue to periodically revise and update this guide to reflect samole in the AIA Contract Documents program and to include new information and resources.

Notification of Amendment to the Professional Services Agreement sold by the pack. As such, the documents have won general acceptance within the construction industry and have been uniformly interpreted by the courts.

Payment to the Contractor is a stipulated sum fixed price. Team members on a small project may have established working relationships and, therefore, more predictable expectations with respect to quality and deliverables.