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Diode Supply Sections User’s Manual (DSU) EN ABB Oy. All Rights Information (EN code: ) and for the ACS in Hardware. ACS Single Drive Manuals. HARDWARE MANUALS (appropriate manual is included in the delivery). ACS/U1 Hardware Manual to kW. ACS Firmware Manual. Crane Control Program (+N) application guides as well as this manual can be found and downloaded from ABB IHMM.

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Reset fan run time counter Motor identification magnetisation is on. Informative alarm Check parameter Reload firmware to control board.

April 22nd, Check that there are no power factor correction capacitors or surge absorbers in motor cable. Drive ID number has been changed from 1.

Let chopper cool down. Let it cool down.

Trip level is 50 Hz over operating range absolute maximum speed limit Direct Torque Control mode active or frequency limit Scalar Control active. Click here now to try it. No upload function has been performed.


If tried, no change is accepted, and warning is displayed. This can be caused by excessive load at low frequencies e. Replace control panel in mounting platform. Measured motor temperature has exceeded fault limit set by parameter Check need for brake chopper and resistor s.

Support Centre

In section “Analog Input” parameter Check main and additional cooling fans. In drive should assign that on AO will send a actual speed. Overtemperature in choke of liquid cooled R8i inverter module. Reduce load or increase ramp time. Wait for a while.

Site Explorer Site Explorer. SC INV xx y 3.

ABB VFD Manuals : Support Centre

Check for main supply imbalance. With frame sizes R2-R6 link is galvanic.

Check thermal relay if used. Wait until drive indicates that motor identification Run is completed. Check filter fan rotates msnual correct direction and air flows freely. For V units, U1max is V. Check maximum speed parameter I vaguely remember having to enter a pass code in order to do this. Check nominal speed from motor rating plate and set parameter Or does manula just alarm? March 19th, Check supply voltage level, drive rated voltage and allowed voltage range of drive. Check status of fieldbus communication.


Intermediate circuit DC voltage is oscillating due to missing supply voltage phase, blown fuse or rectifier bridge internal fault. Check that INT board power cable is connected. October 1st, In case of configured June 14th, Problem solved, drive should run immediately if being called on to start Go to parameter again -Press enter acss800 as passcode -press enter Now you are done.

ACS alarms and faults_百度文库

Consult the documentation or author of the Adaptive Program. Reset and restart after vffd is solved and let converter module cool down. Check panel type and drive application program version.