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A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper. John Allen Paulos. pages. Basic Books. $ Hardcover. John Allen Paulos, who sprang to fame with In-. With the same user-friendly, quirky, and perceptive approach that made Innumeracy a bestseller, John Allen Paulos travels though the pages of the daily . A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper. John Allen Paulos, Author Basic Books $18 (p) ISBN Tweet. More By and About This Author.

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I loved Innumeracy and liked Beyond Numeracyso I had high hopes for this book. So, each chapter reads sort of like a blog entry. I thought it would be a fun and accessible look at how statistics are misused in al,en media. Sep 22, Serkelion rated it really liked it. Jul 17, Justin rated it it was ok Shelves: This book was interesting and fun to read.

Paulos is a witty mathematician and makes excellent points jogn his analyses of newspapers focusing on the numbers, statistics, ignorance and misrepresentations. I have rarely enjoyed or laughed out loud as much a non-fiction book as much as I enjoyed A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper.

The proof is on page of the paperback thhe. It was enjoyable both due to my background in mathematics and social psychology, and Paulos is a gifted storyteller. He also brings out the finer points regarding interpretation and use of analytical tools: It is an interesting take on a mathematician reading a newspaper. Bottom line, this author tells a little about every section, and how writers try to reel you in with popular words and numbers that magnetize your brain.

A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper

I really enjoyed this work. A lot of it is interesting although there’s disappointingly few analysis of important political stories.

Answers on a postcard please. I’m a bit chary of criticizing a guy who wrote a book as useful as Innumeracy – Mathematical Illiteracy Ands Its Consequences. The book is somehow alleen, it is as useful and observant now as it was when written. Jul 25, Martin added it.


A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper by John Allen Paulos

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. When you divide the This book was written in and there were 5. Using RamseyTheory, how many iterations of nine awards must I run to more or less ensure every one of 40 pupils will win at least once? Published September 26th by Anchor first published April 6th Paulos is funny and offers a treasure trove of examples from the contemporary news the mids when he was writing that have “a legitimate mathematical component” as he puts it.

Had he dropped a This book, as I probably should have realized, is largely comprised of Paulos’s vague musings. Every story, or almost every story, in a newspaper has mathematical angle to it and the author brings that point to life on topics as varied as economy to those numerous – Top 10 lists. Each chapter are his thoughts after reading particular articles in the newspaper and introduce various mathematical theories and statistical concepts that would add some much-needed info to the articles.

A biochemist couldn’t quite make it through this book, but close enough His brevity though, keeps your interest, although he runs way too short on some very interesting topics only four pages on baseball? From the Senate, SATs, and sex, to crime, celebrities, and cults, he takes stories that may not seem to involve mathematic With the same user-friendly, quirky, and perceptive approach that made Innumeracy a bestseller, John Allen Paulos travels though the pages of the daily newspaper showing how math and numbers are a key element in many of the articles we read every day.

Return to Book Page. If there are 24 hours in a day, that is million people humping in a day. When he spends more than pages on a topic, it gets insightful, but he does that far too seldom.


The book is about pages but has over 50 chapters. Oct 10, Emma Clement rated it it was ok. Trivia About A Mathematician R However, his analysis of what goes wrong with statistics, numbers, pqulos risks and so on in news stories still applies in the age of the internet. Since there are finitely many words, there are finitely many phrases of under eleven words, and hence finitely many positive integers that are defined by phrases of under eleven words.

A nice collection of short musings by an expert on how not to be misled by popular news sources. Be the first to ask a question about A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper. May 18, JP rated it really liked it. This book, as I probably should have realized, is largely comprised of Paulos’s vague musings. These kind of arguments can come off as out of touch to practically minded people. Some of the content is covered in his other books, but he’s amusing enough that it’s worth reading.

I would be curious to ask him what he matjematician of Internet news and the Fox News Network. Dec 11, Justin rated it liked it. Paulos explains that ppl tend to assign more guilt to an agent, rather rads blame fate, luck or chance, when the consequences are more severe. Unfortunately, the description fun and accessible does not apply to the book on the whole. I have to read more of his work. It was OK, but not spectacular.

He mentions Chaos Theory a couple of times, which yet again tantalizes me to find a good book on the subject.