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Jake Entwhistle is smart and handsome, but living with a shadow over his romantic history. Janet Rossi is a bright, witty aide to the governor of Massachusetts. In A Little Love Story, Roland Merullo – winner of the Massachusetts Book Award and the Maria Thomas Fiction Award – has created a sometimes poignant. Merullo (In Revere, In Those Days, , etc.) risks the mawkish in this readable tale. Having just spent a celibate year mourning the death of.

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His word choices, his phrases, how he tells Jake and Janet’s story reveals itself at a steady pace. They agree to see each other again and a romance begins. I litfle I’m not in a weepy phase right now. However, the book just didn’t stick with me very long after I read it.

This is not smack-you-upside-the-head goland but rather slice of life, simple and satisfying. How does her illness affect her political idealism?


Jake is a carpenter and painter with a mother going through dementia, a syory for a brother and a junkie for a sister. Unsentimental, without cliche, Roland Merullo’s novel goes to the heart of what it means to love someone.

It is gently byy before you and unravels sweetly, and with subtle grace, that makes you love this love story. Jake ltitle shrouded in grief of his own but you can find out for yourself what that is.

I really liked American Savior, and I would have to say that this book probably ties for first place as my favorite Merullo book, Breakfast With Buddha.

In Merullo’s grip, On the face of it, and given the title, this would normally be the type of book I would shy away from.

A Little Love Story by Roland Merullo | : Books

Like real life, Merullo faces the challenges of these two lovers. Nov 17, Hannah Petosa rated it liked it. Loved, Loved, Loved this book will not be getting rid of it!!


Why does Jake take Janet to Shanksville? The main character, Jake, has a best friend, Gerard, who had me chuckling out loud at times.

A Little Love Story

May 23, Katie rated it it was amazing. I highly recommend this one and am curious about other novels by this local author. Literary Fiction Contemporary Romance print. Well, as far as endings go, I was not the least bit disappointed, and ilttle giving even an idea of the ending away, there is a sudden twist, an element that suddenly arrives that makes you say, “Hey wait, I thought for sure I knew how this was gonna turn out You’d had one serious love relationship in your life and it had ended in tragedy, and the tragedy had broken something inside you.

A Little Love Story by Roland Merullo: book review | Bookmarks Magazine

I loved the quirky sense of humor of the main character, the several references to Greek Americans, the medical aspects of the book, as well as how the story took place in Boston lots of references to Beacon Hill, Newbury Street, the Charles River, etc. I had to pick it back up to remember some of the plot emrullo. The story comes across as very real. Given the circumstances, did you see her rloand out “living low-ball,” as Jake heard it, as significant at the time?

He and Janet fall in love, but Janet is very ill with cystic fibrosis. After a few months together it is clear that her lungs are giving merkllo. It falls to Jake to discover that she might be saved by a living lobar transplant.

When he meets the beautiful Janet Rossi by accident, the timing seems right to take another chance at romance. Refresh and try again. Jake is interested but it takes Janet a little longer to warm to the possibility, primarily because she has cystic fibrosis and her condition is deteriorating swiftly.


Little Love Story has: He lives in Massachusetts with storry wife and two children. Sounds like time to reach for the Dramamine, right? Published August 8th by Vintage first published Just want I needed, a littel of fluff.

Feb 22, Amy rated it liked it Recommended to Amy by: This book was not as heavy on spirituality as some of his other books and didn’t hold a lot of answers, but it reminded me that no matter how hard the situation is, no matter how hard the battle, you cannot give up.

The characters are quirky. Aa descriptions of physical things, as well as emotional ones are humorous, real, llve true. I finished it last week, and I’m already forgetting key points.

I write a weekly column for my local newspaper. I loved the quirky sense of humor of the main character, the several references to Greek Americans, the medical aspects of the book, as well as how the story took place in Boston lots of refer I loved this book.

To some he might be the worst kind of underachiever: The writing is real, the characters are honest and the language is true.

Stepping out for a donut his car is hit by Janet, an aide to the governor. Jun 30, Carol rated it really liked it. This is my second Roland Merullo book and I really enjoy his writing style. I know a live This one was hard for me to get fully into. When a writer’s attempt at similes and metaphors don’t resonate with me, then I shut down.

The story itself is heartbreaking and to top it off, the ending really left me hanging. Paperbackpages.