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The promise of Kushiel’s Dart (), the first volume of Carey’s immense trilogy set in a skewed Renaissance world, is more than realized in this splend. Kushiel’s Avatar is the third book in the Kushiel’s Legacy saga and the final book in the Phedre trilogy. It concerns Phedre’s childhood friend Hyacinthe and the. Kushiel’s Reread Kushiel’s Avatar book cover Jacqueline Carey Stranger in a Strange Land: As horrible as the zenana was for Phèdre.

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See 1 question about Kushiel’s Avatar…. The thinly veiled copy of our world almost seems like a whole new fantasy land. So if you have a spare moment, please tell us your thoughts by writing a reader’s review.

Kushiel’s Avatar (Phèdre’s Trilogy, #3) by Jacqueline Carey

I dnf-ed this book today because it avatarr so repulsive. Since I read the first two books from the Kushiel series by Jacqueline Carey, I am a huge fan of hers.

The author has a knack for reaching inside the souls of her heroes and readers, find the most sensitive spots, and tug on them until it hurts and leaves a visible, palpable scar! More about Jacqueline Carey I’ll leave it to you to interprete what that says about my brain. The characters are so well developed and remain true to their histories throughout, shaped and destroyed by the events that unfold. Kushiel’s Avatar is the darkest novel to date, pushing all characters beyond what they thought was their limit.

And if Phedre will search for him, Melisande promises a lead on the Ten years have passed in Terre d’Ange, peace and prosperity for the country, and for Phedre and Joscelin. Dodger Terry Pratchett 9. Her very nature is a torturous thing for them both, but he is sworn to her and he has never violated his vow: The cruelty kushjel brutality seem overwhelming.

Even Melisande, avatra we always believed indestructible, displays her one weakness: April 6, Imprint: Other books in the series.


She is loving, brave, and compassionate, devoted completely to the people she loves, with a deep code of honor. The author had to pull a “her gods will leave her if she doesn’t do it” to make this even remotely plausible.

In the end, however, we understand that she still has an ace in her sleeve that plays it creating a touching finale that puts the crown in this excellent trilogy, recapping all its meaning. I don’t begrudge Phedre her love, but it was a different kind of story.

Love within light, and love within hate. Or so it seems to me! If I had to do it again, I would.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Here I’m thinking primarily of scenes at court in Egypt and Africa; much of the journey through Africa seemed to unfold more quickly than expected. The author weaves a lyrical story of adventure, love, sex, pain, believes and religion, all with a beautiful prose and a sensual touch. After ten years, she discovered success with the publication of her first book in How friendship, romantic love, familial love both biological and families that are linked by more than just bloodeven hatred, how all those are aspects of Elua’s precepts and how people interpret the idea of love and how far they would go to protect it, to nurture it.

And that’s what these books are all about. It’s not melodramatic or overwrought, they are lovely glimpses into friendships that span decades, into loves that have survived the darkness and the hopelessness.

Kushiel’s Avatar by Jacqueline Carey

The third book, however, overturned most of these. It literally made me sick. It was difficult to read but, like kushie, rubber-necker passing a car accident, I couldn’t look away. All my nitpicks matter little in comparison. The Journey is dark and the Gods have chosen Phedre as their pawn in the greater game of lust, love, ambition, truth and lies.

Like, in captivity, Phedre somehow convinces her fellow prisoner to help her break a avatae into a closed off courtyard where they can finally see the sun again after months of darkness, both physical avagar emotional darkness; and as that happens, you can just feel this incredible vibe of human strength course through the people present. In some ways, this book feels slightly cramped.


I love them for it.

Kushiel’s Avatar

But it’s still amazing, the trial that happen to their relationship. He watched her, doing things beyond his imagination but his love was always there.

There is still repetition I will own, if I ever hear that phrase again I will go madbut the high-flown language comes into its own describing the lengthy journey undertaken by Phedre and co.

Accompanying and watching her suffer through the sadistic tortures is her loyal and loving warrior-priest, Joscelin. Paperbackpages. Torn between the love for her dear Josceline and the truth to save her longest friend, Phedre must once avatqr undertake a journey of perils, darkness and find the one name no one dares to speak.

Kjshiel also romance fans of Diana Gabaldon and Beatrice Small. Feb 25, Fey rated it it was amazing Shelves: Not sure if I’ll rate it a four yet. There are, of course, many erotic scenes that some may also use as an argument against the books, but they are written in such a beautiful way, with the absence of any kind of vulgarity and many of them are literary jewels.

This audiobook can be listened to on: While there, she decided to write professionally. So while I am at times utterly appalled by the things and people that create sexual desire in her, Phedre herself is horrified in her heart and mind.