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On 30th July , in Prague, a number of prominent Catholics were defenestrated and fell to their deaths ; this was the beginning of the Hussite rebellion (the. Hussite Wars, series of conflicts in the 15th cent., caused by the rise of the Hussites [1] in Bohemia and Moravia. Jan Žižka, hero of the Hussite Wars, stormed the building with several supporters and threw the burgomaster and many of the town councilors from the windows.

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Many of the Taborite delegates refused to negotiate, however, the Utraquists did negotiate. Whereas previously the cart had been used only when the cavalry failed, during the Hussite Wars the cart became fundamental to the army formation in which battles were to be waged.

This predominantly religious movement was propelled by social issues and strengthened Czech national awareness. Content in this edit is translated from the existing German Wikipedia article at [[: A new war war between George and the nobles, and inMatthias Corvinus of Hungary attacked Bohemia.

Komensky Comeniusa member of the brotherhood, claimed for the members of his church that they were the genuine inheritors of the doctrines of Hus.

Hussites – Wikipedia

The first one was defensive; the second one was offensive counterattacking. By the time peace was madelong after George’s death, the religious element of the wars had largely disappeared, as it was now a war between the invaders and the Bohemians. In spite of the endeavours of their rulers, Poles and Bussite did not wish to attack the kindred Czechs; the Germans were prevented by internal discord from taking joint action against the Hussites; and the King of Denmarkwho had landed in Uussite with a large force intending to take part in the crusade, soon returned to his own country.


Several crusades against the Hussites were utterly routed by the Czechs, whose military jussite and tactics were much superior to those of their opponents.

At a council meeting at Jihlava the Compactata were ratified and Sigismund was recognized as king of Bohemia. Zizka did not attempt to make them adopt the conventional armament and tactics of the time, but let wara make use of such weapons as iron-tipped flails and armored farm wagons, surmounted by small cannons of the howitzer type. The shooters aimed first of all at the horses depriving the cavalry of its main advantage.

Hussite Wars

Legend has it that King Wenceslas died of shock after hearing the news. Negotiations for this purpose were to take place at the ecumenical council which had been summoned to meet at Basel on March 3, After the hussit of Zizka the division between the radical and the moderate parties of the Hussites the Taborites and the Utraquistswidened. The authorities of both countries appealed urgently and repeatedly to King Sigismund to release Jan Hus.

Then the infantry hidden behind the carts used firearms and crossbows to ward off the attack, weakening the enemy. Retrieved from ” https: The Polish Hussite movement also came to an end. Sigismund and many German princes arrived before Prague on 30 June at the head of a vast army of crusaders from all parts of Europelargely consisting of adventurers attracted by the hope of pillage. Today, the Czechoslovak Hussite Church claims to be the modern successor of the Hussite tradition.

Musée Virtuel du Protestantisme

These wars lasted from to approximately Eventually, the opponents of the Hussites found themselves forced to consider an amicable settlement. On July 5,the compacts were formally accepted and signed at Jihlava, in Moravia, by King Sigismund, by the Hussite delegates, and by the representatives of the Roman Catholic Church.


Although Zizka’s fame is overshadowed by that of other commanders, he ranks with the great military innovators of all time. Almost from the first the Hussites divided into two groups, though many minor divisions also developed among them.

Indeed, the Scrptures were the only rule and every manhad the right to study them. Although many prominent Hussites had now left Prague, troubles continued. The Utraquist creed, frequently varying in its details, continued to be that of the established church of Bohemia until all non-Catholic religious services were prohibited shortly after the Battle of the White Mountain in Beliefs condemned as heretical by the Catholic Church.

History portal Christianity portal Czech Republic portal. An early Protestant group that arose among the Hussites, the Bohemian Brethren, is thought to have formed the basis of the Moravian Church.

In situations where religion is allied with or subservient to the state, it is likely to be one of several causes for conflict, rather than the main or only cause.

However, the raids did not have the desired effect; these countries kept supplying soldiers for the crusades against the Hussites. New World Encyclopedia writers and editors rewrote and completed the Wikipedia article in accordance with New World Encyclopedia standards. The Utraquists hoped to be reconciled with Rome ; the Taborites had no such expectation. Living in poverty, he studied at the University of Prague and was ordained priest in One Hussite raid made it wasr the Baltic sea at the German city of Danzig in