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This volume contains a fresh English translation of Josephus’ apologetic treatise Against Apion, based on the new textual research conducted by the M√ľnster. Josephus’ Against Apion (English only). From H. St. J. Thackeray, Josephus: The Life, Against Apion (Loeb Classical Library;. Cambridge, MA: Harvard. Against Apion (Contra Apionem or In Apionem) was a polemical work written by Flavius Josephus as a defense of Judaism as a classical religion and.

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For in case the people were by birth Egyptians, they would not on the sudden have so easily changed the customs of their country.

Hereupon Hyperochides answered modestly, and said, for that very reason it is, that all of us are very desirous of hearing what thou art going to say. Yet did he not join battle with them: Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. However, had they ever so much hated jowephus in particular, they might have laid a private plot against himself; but would hardly have made war against all the Egyptians.

Now when he was writing about those Kings that had reigned at Tyre, he came to Hirom; and says thus: But I will demonstrate that he trifles, and tells arrant lies: See the Note on Antiq. However, since I observe a considerable number of people giving ear to the reproaches that are laid against us by those who bear ill will to us; and will not believe what Fllavius have written concerning the Antiquity of our nation; while they take it for a plain sign that our nation is of a late date, because they are not so much as vouchsafed a bare mention by the most famous historiographers among the Grecians; I therefore have thought myself under an obligation to write somewhat briefly about these subjects; in order to convict those that reproach us of spite, and voluntary falshood; and to correct the ignorance of others; and withal to instruct all those who are desirous of knowing the truth, of what josdphus antiquity we really are.

Who was a person very inquisitive into all sorts of history. But as they dwelt in an happy city, and had a large country; and one better than Egypt itself, how came it about, that for the sake of those that had of old been their flavkus of josephuw that were maimed in their bodies; and of those whom none of their own relations would endure, they should run such hazards in assisting them?

Nor is there the least evidence for it elsewhere. Which are things of flqvius consequence in comparison of the other.

Josephus: Against Apion I

That Amenophis accordingly chose out two hundred and fifty thousand of those that were thus diseased; and cast them out of the country. For he also, when he pretended to write the Egyptian history, sets down the same name jose;hus this King that Manetho did, Amenophis; as also of his son Ramesses: One also has to take into account for whom he is writing at the time Antiquities of the Jews.


And as he had lived with many learned men, he communicated to us more information than he received from us. How can it then be any wonder, if our nation was no more known to many of the Greeks, nor had given them any occasion to mention them in their writings? Yet have they all of them afforded their testimony to our antiquity; concerning which I am now treating.

Against Apion – Wikipedia

For this is a broader and larger lake than any other that is in Syria. For the event did not succeed. For the leprous people, and the multitude that was with them, although they might formerly have been angry at the King, and at those that had treated them so coarsely; and this according to the prediction of the prophet; yet certainly, when they were come out of the mines, and had received of the King a city, and a country, they would have grown milder towards him.

This King raised banks at the eastern parts of the city; and enlarged it. Show by default Hide by default. He was by birth a Chaldean: Nor does this superlative degree always imply the most ancient of all, without exception: For it was not till we had gotten possession of the whole land by war, that we built our temple. Josephus was an eyewitness to history, and his writings are considered authoritative.

He lived fifty three years, and reigned thirty four. For how can this flavuus give us any true information concerning our march; who could not foresee how to save himself? When it so happened that our city was desolate, during the interval of seventy years, until the days of Cyrus, King of Persia.

After which he gives us a catalogue of the posterity of Noah: Why then dost thou call them Jews, if they were Egyptians?

Against Apion

As for my self, I have composed a true history of that whole war, and of all the particulars that occurred therein: To be sure 24 it was because another King before him josephud already seen them. But if these men resolved to wage an againsy war against all men, in case they had acted as wickedly as he relates josephuss them; and this while they wanted the assistance of all men, this demonstrates a kind of mad conduct indeed; but not of the men themselves; but very greatly so of him that tells such lies about them.


This Dius therefore writes thus, in his histories of the Phenicians: But for Hecateus of Abdera, who was both a philosopher, and one very useful in an active life, he was contemporary with King Alexander in his youth; and afterward was with Ptolemy, the son of Lagus; he did not write about the Jewish affairs by the by only: For it was so in general, that all maritime nations, and those that inhabited near the eastern or western seas, againsy most known to those that were desirous to be writers.

Each section is full enough to stand on its agxinst. Since therefore, besides what we have already taken notice of, we have had a peculiar way of living of our own, there was no occasion offered us in ancient ages for intermixing among the Greeks; as they had for mixing among the Egyptians, by their intercourse of exporting, and importing their several goods. Our nation therefore, according to Manetho, was not derived from Egypt; nor were any of the Egyptians mingled with us. Now in the seventh year of his reign, jozephus sister fled away from him, and built the city Carthage in Libya.

Flavius Josephus: Against Apion

It’s not a book for the average reader; there are others which are far more compelling than this one. Now that this may not depend on my bare word, I will produce for a witness Dius, one that josehus believed to have written the Phenician history after an accurate manner.

See the notes on Antiq.

Which signify little as to the real value of each of their histories. The history is good, the glimpse into the characters of his time better. And when he had subdued them to himself, he returned home. A strange sort of accusation, and calumny this!

Or why did not the king carry this man, whosoever he was, and whatsoever was his name, [which is not set down in Apion’s apiom with great pomp back into his own country?

Journal for the Study of Judaism”Es handelt sich um den bisher umfassendsten und zweifelsohne besten Kommentar zu diesem Traktat, der in den letzten Jahren vermehrt zgainst den Blickpunkt der Forschung genommen wurde After which I shall produce testimonies for our antiquity out of the writings of foreigners.

This is declared by Theophrastus, in his writings concerning laws.