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Technology: VCL, Product: Installation (VCL), Type: Question, Subject: ExpressQuantumGrid Suite. Technology: VCL, Product: ExpressQuantumGrid Suite, Type: Question, Subject: ExpressQuantumGrid Suite v and ExpressQuantumGrid. Today I installed ExpressQuantumGrid Suite, ExpressQuantumTreeList Suite by using DevExpressVCLProductsexe. Installation was.

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I see they both have DB-aware components, so I’m wondering: You can specify at design time the columns to include both within the ExpressQuantumGrid as well as those available as part of the expressquantumgrie column selector window.

Developer Tools

Using data aware editor components in the grid is easier and more intuitive in Devexpress, IMO. Footer Display to allow you to summarize data such as Sum, Count, Avg, Min and Max, as well as a expressquantumrgid draw capability. Before delivering the release version of your application, remember to compile the QuantumGrid package and your project without debug info to reduce the application size. No need to fuss with code.

Preparing Application With QuantumGrid Controls for TestComplete | TestComplete Documentation

To use or not to use Delphi Sadly, it seems to me that there is a sort of race between the two threads, for and against using Delphi in new projects, with more or less the same users posting in both threads. TMS Component Pack replacement To include debug information in QuantumGrid controls, do the following: But I’m not sure what the difference is between the so called stringgrid and the dbgrid NET Component Suite to use? They have the cxGridNNN.

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All rights reserved Size: Any experience or preference with these? Is there a lot of difference regarding functionality? Please download the trial version http: Hi Pierre, Thank yo so much for such an extensive comparison and sharing of experience.

Can you list the features you’re looking for? So I bought the TMS components. Just two property settings A careful eye to Expressqauntumgrid usage to minimize the problems encountered using VCL windowed controls. Can you list the features you’re looking for?

A DBGrid simply provides a scrolling window into the table.

Preparing Application With QuantumGrid Controls for TestComplete

I especially want the DB-aware grid component to be powerful enough, but I need good DB-aware edit controls too. Walter Map, De Nugis Curialium. I am in the middle of a major corporate database front end development effort and am using the ExpressGrid and MemData heavily.

Highlight search results Highlight search results. Bart Greyson replied on Jul After you have performed the mentioned steps, TestComplete will be able to access internal objects, methods and properties and recognize QuantumGrid controls in the application under test.


Essentially then you have a loaded stringgrid not a DBGrid. However, I am sick of re-installing XE2 so have given up on that one. Thanks Everyone, you know who you are Some of the examples don’t work. I can’t remember what the problem was with rDBGrid.

This feature is automatic and available without writing a single line of code.