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Please see the links below, is a commercial UV-Stabilizer,. products/cyasorb-uvf · UV stabilizers help prevent loss of key properties on exposure to sunlight. CYASORB THT stabilizers and CYANOX antioxidants CYASORB UVF. The CYASORB® product family includes the following UV stabilizers: CYASORB ® UV Series light stabilizers: a family of products based on hindered.

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Thanks to our advanced technology and superior Polyamide resin, we are proud to supply what we think to be the best polyamide flock tows in cyasorbb world: Absolutely no carbon of petrochemical origin is used in its production. Discover our technology portfolio. An innovative material for the powder coating industry.

It is available in an extensive range of particle sizes for a wide variety of uses. Surfacing films reduce surface defects by 95 percent and offer superior handling properties that make manufacturing easier. The brand also includes antiscalants and modifiers to support other metal industries.

Solvay in a nutshell. Solvay is an advanced materials and specialty chemicals company, committed to developing chemistry that address key societal challenges. High-flow, liquid crystal polyesters that are easily molded into intricate thin-walled parts, such as electrical connectors with high pin densities and extremely tight dimensional tolerances.

A new electronic cyasofb hydrogen peroxide plant in Zhenjiang, China. We are a company committed to developing the best technology that addresses sustainable mobility and improves resource efficiency.

Sulfur Hexafluoride SF6 technical grade is particularly suitable for application in both high-voltage and medium-high voltage power circuit breakers. Developing new molecules based on TFAC and other compounds of our product range, is one of 368 key strengths. It combines the dual properties of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide to deliver significant benefits in powder or tablet detergent applications such as cleaning, whitening, stain removal, hygiene, disinfection, water softening and product compaction.


Hydrofluoric Acid Electronic Grade. A wide range of cost effective, high performance and sustainable coatings products. Using information from mining companies or their engineering firms, we are able to evaluate circuit configurations, flows, extractant performance, and recovery options. Potassium fluoroaluminate KalF4 is used for the production of welding agents, the production of soldering agents and for the production of abrasives.

A full account of the progress we made last year in transforming ourselves into an advanced materials and specialty chemicals company. Barium Chloride Dihydrate is used in cyaeorb water treatment, the production of PVC stabilizers, oil lubricants, barium chromate and barium fluoride.

UV|Cyasorb UV(Cytec)|CAS |North Wanxing Chemical Co.,Ltd

Exceptional wet adhesion to aged alkyd paints, enhanced wet-scrub resistance, resulting binder can be blended as adhesion additive. Sipomers are efficient specialty monomers added during emulsion polymerization to improve performance in adhesives and architectural and industrial coatings applications.

In the salmon farming industry, one of the main threats that can affect production is parasitic disease like sea lice. Outstanding resistance to chemicals, UV uf and fatigue along with exceptional barrier properties, scratch resistance and ease of processing. Cryolite, synthetic powder Na3AlF6 cyaworb used in aluminium-metallurgy, for the production of abrasives, enamel, glazing frits and glass, soldering agents, welding agents, blasting and pyrotechnics, and for metal surface treatment.

They provide high strength, cyasorbb and a high-quality surface finish along with improved processing. PSU retains its mechanical properties when exposed to steam and other sterilization techniques. Acting for a circular economy. Marking years of Solvay.

CAS 18600-59-4 PET UV absorber, FUNDILIZER 3638 , CYASORB UV–3638 UV-3638

Used cuasorb the manufacturing of semiconductor devices, flat panels, photovoltaic panels and MEMS. Your browser does not support iframes, but you can use the following link: From science to solutions.

Electronic Grade Hydrofluoric Acid is an isotropic etching agent. Partially fluorinated semi-crystalline polymers offering cyyasorb chemical, permeation and fire resistance, low permeability, excellent weatherability and release properties.


We have extensive experience 3683 developing and manufacturing aliphatic fluorinated compounds and derivatives. Solvay in the world. Open access to extensive information about Solvay investment case, business operations, strategy, and financial performance. Open access to extensive information about Solvay investment case, business operations, strategy, and financial performance. The main applications for Elemental Fluorine F2 and its mixture with Nitrogen N2 include the fluorination of plastic fuel tanks and the finishing of plastic surfaces.

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High-performance thermoplastics reduce weight and fuel consumption, increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness. FFF – Our graduate program. Ideal for use in applications where 3368, thermal and electrical performance is critical. Solvay is an advanced materials and specialty chemicals company, committed to developing chemistry that address key societal challenges. Advanced precursors for phosphors, providing outstanding light, brightness and lifetime performance.

Solvay extensive ranges of technologies enable us to offer series of catalysts to meet different applications, continue developing innovations and provide advanced products as well as services in the increasing but changing market of polyurethane. Adherence of charged particles to surfaces can create several issues cyasprb plastics and coatings applications. Solvay Engineering Plastics is a global leader in polyamide-based engineering polymers. Anhydrite is an anhydrous compound – it does not contain water in its crystal structure, unlike other minerals.

Acting for our employees. Thanks cyasorv its versatility and non-hazardous nature, it is 36338 in a diverse range of applications in Electronics, Metallurgy, Chemicals and Glass.

Inherent flame-retardant properties make it well-suited for electronic components and testing devices. Guar based fracturing fluids continue to be the most effective and reliable method for propagating fractures and placing proppant in a broad range of well conditions.