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This manual will familiarize you with the assembly, operation, and The patented BeerGun® is the lowest foaming and lowest oxygen pickup filler on the market them or have any questions, contact your retailer or Blichmann Engineering™. The Blichmann Beer Gun is one such device; I recently acquired one and once First up, heed the warnings on the instructions–the beer gun is not designed to. In this video I set up my Blichmann bottle filler beer gun. There are of course instructions, the filler itself, beer line, and a cleaning brush is all you get with the.

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I am planning on getting one of these but I have a question for you. For the installation in my brew room I decided to add a wye fitting to my existing Co2 gauge in order to add a second shutoff valve and gas line to the gauge.

How To Use The Blichmann Beer Gun Bottle Filler

First thing you want to do is protect the piece with rubber. Instrucions Feminella June 15, at 7: Once the brass flare connector is installed on the gun the gas line tubing is used to connect the Beer Gun to a threaded flare connection on a ball lock gas line connector sold separately. I am currently using the standard bottling wand and it works great at 5 PSI but as I said I loose a ton of CO2 out of my keg in bwer process. Adding The Second Gas Line provided my first installation surprise when I tried gkn remove the existing shut off valve from the Co2 gauge.

Bottle a clearer, force-carbonated beverage than you can get with bottle carbonation. The brass threads get wrapped with Teflon tape and then carefully threaded into the Co2 valve on the Beer Gun and tightened. When I received my gun I found that the main tube and vlichmann were already assembled and I could skip over the pages that explained how that part of the assembly should be done.

Tun make the remaining glichmann needed in order to use the Beer Gun I used the additional parts that came with the Beer Gun Accessory Kit. Newer Post Older Post Home. For this you will need to take a small flat head screwdriver and just gently give it a little instructilns and you can pop it right off. So the instructions tell you to take everything completely apart, there is one piece in particular that starts the process. The the tip is the hardest to get on and off. Posted by Vince Feminella at It will clear the head space and get rid of some of the air.


The addition of the second gas line would allow me to truly set and forget once and for all when force carbonating two kegs at the same time. I won’t go back to bottling any other way on my homebrew setup.

Co2 Gauge Modification For Second Gas Line After removing the shut off valve from the gauge body I wrapped Teflon tape around it’s threads and the threads of the second shut off valve and then put the wye fitting snugly into the vise to hold it steady.

They say not too much so you can easily pull it off. It’s good to have those steps included in the manual though in case you ever need to disassemble the gun for cleaning or repair.

Filling up some 5 liter mini-kegs for use in my Edgestar Deluxe Mini Kegerator is in the works now along with filling up the standard fare of 12 and 22 ounce bottles.

It was fast, you could fill a ton of bottles really quickly. That it, it actually goes back pretty quickly with some practice. If I do they begin to leak CO2 from the seals. Once it gets here, which will happen quickly, stop.

The beers I had filled I later opened after 3 days and they were perfectly carbonated, I should point out that the beer was force carbonated to 15 psi at the time of filling the bottles. So squeeze it quickly, once it starts to fill, then stand the bottle up and let it continue. Overall, the beer gun is a great way to bottle beer from a keg, instructikns more flexibility around planning your bottling activities and adding the advantages of forced carbonation, zero carbonation wait time after bottling, clarity, and CO2 bottle purging over bottle-carbonation.

Pull it out, and cap it with sanitized caps and sanitized hands. Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I bought the basic kid that comes with the filter, beer line, and cleaning brush.

This tutorial covers how to bottle your fermented beverage from a keg using the Blichmann Beer Gun. I would consider this completely taken apart. With the keg of beer kept cold inside the refrigerator and the new gas and beer lines connected and tested the Beer Gun is ready to sanitize and use for filling bottles.

Approximate times in the video are noted for reference. When using the gun I tie the beer and gas lines together using twist ties and then run the lines outside of the refrigerator through the small gap created when the door is left slightly open. I agree the benefits of bottling carbonated beer using the beer gun far outweigh the time spent setting up.


The beer gun I received was already assembled when I opened the box. Notify me of new posts by email. The new gas line supplies the Co2 to the gun that it then uses to purge air out of the bottles before they’re filled with beer.

With the Beer Gun assembled and all of the required connections made it was time to add another gas line to my gauge to be used by the gun to purge bottles with Co2 before filling them.

First up, heed the warnings on the instructions —the beer gun is not designed to handle more than 15 psi of pressure, for instance, and is better around 5 psi in my experience high pressure will result in a lot of foaming as you attempt to fill the bottles.

Comment Name Email Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Installing and using the Beer Gun was a fun project to install and use and I look forward to having the ability now to bottle my beer without ever having to use priming sugar again.

Thanks for your comment.

How To Use The Blichmann Beer Gun Bottle Filler

When I got mine, I had gotten a small bonus and decided to use part of it to splurge on some “nice to have” brewing equipment. With all of the parts on hand I carefully removed the existing gas line shut off valve from the Co2 gauge body using an adjustable wrench.

It takes a little time to get used to maneuvering the gun around the brew room when filling bottles but I did find it easy enough to use, clean and sanitize it though. I guess we all get sticker shock at times, especially when we don’t ‘think’ that something should cost as much.

Now the rest of it can be cleaned as well. Vince Feminella July 1, at 7: Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Then the clip you can loosen off, not easy at all. A Bench Vise Makes Fitting Changes Much Easier I was fortunate enough to find a spare gas line shut off valve beer parts cabinet and I used that to screw into the wye for the second gas line.