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Yeah, I’ve seen the 6. Anonb Anon Jun-8 If transistors are in parallel, they need to be matched, in order to ensure that they share the load. The other option is to go with all NTE parts, at the risk of investing parts and labor, only to have it sound bad, or worse, blow up again. Obviously, certain critical parameters have to be met, but even eatasheet, operating something close the edge could still lead to early failures. Went to an MJ, and they lasted a tad over 10 years.

2SA Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

I managed to get 32 devices that matched to my tolerance. Anonb to shdesigns Anon Jun-7 3: I’ve seen that with 6. It’s rare to find any Sankens that are NOT counterfeit parts these days. None of which give me a whole lot of peace of mind though. I can’t even find a datasheet for 2SC on the web.


Parts Express has the NTE parts. It was rare but does happen. But yes, the hFE should be close for each group.

2SA968 Datasheet

The substitute parts have a higher Ic, as well. It was not that they were bad, it is that thay are a generic replacement for many parts. I purchased transistors from Mouser and spend an hour grading and marking them all. The Pd is the same datsaheet the replacement pair specified, are the device pinouts. The pre drivers, 2SC and 2SA are proving 2sx968 be even more elusive than the drivers!

Were the replacements matched? Anonb Anon Jun-7 Forward current transfer ratio hFEmin: I think the op simply wants the exact same components. I think it ran right at the limit of current.

2SA datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

Personally, I’d tend to think that the chances of getting genuine parts from Digikey is pretty good. Perhaps things have changed, but, when I used to use NTE substitutes, I never had a bad one out off the box and none of them failed after being installed. I’m not comfortable with this situation, but he’s a regular customer and I don’t want any bad blood for refusing to work with him on this one. In audio applications, the fT won’t make a difference. Due to the cost of the parts involved and the uncertainty that substitutes will work with long term reliability, I datashest reluctant to take on datadheet project.


Rental car lied to me! Anon6f72b to Anonb Anon Jun-7 2: Friend bragging about 10 year old car with really low mileag [ Automotive ] by IowaCowboy datahseet One circuit I worked on used to use an MJ That was troublesome even 30 years ago!

They really ARE made of unobtainium! Comes up not found at my regular suppliers.